eBay Click & Collect

eBay Click & Collect allows an eBay buyer to collect their purchase from a nearby eBay collection point locations like Argos, CollectPlus and Sainsbury’s. As a seller, you dispatch orders exactly as if they were home deliveries. The only difference is you address the parcel to the buyer's chosen collection location rather than their home address.


How it works

  • eBay automatically adds Click & Collect to all your eligible listings.
  • Your Click & Collect listing will need to offer a FAST & FREE service with an eligible carrier. More information can be found here.
    • The selected shipping service must meet eBay terms and conditions as part of the Click & Collect service.
    • eBay does not allow merchants to charge buyers for shipping when using Click & Collect.
  • A buyer purchases one of your items that is eligible for Click & Collect.
    • The buyer selects a local collection location for delivery of their purchase(s).
  • Linnworks downloads the order.
  • The delivery address is automatically updated to be the selected collection point.
  • An eCP code is applied as part of the address information.
  • Pick, pack and print the shipping label from Linnworks as you would for any other shipping service.
  • Process the order and on the next sync, Linnworks will send a Despatch notification to eBay.

Key points

  • The pickup location options are set on eBay and cannot be changed or modified in Linnworks. Linnworks only downloads the eBay-provided location as the delivery address.
  • Other than checking the delivery address there is no way to identify an eBay Click & Collect order.
  • The PayPal address will not overwrite the delivery address
  • Shipping mapping will apply in the same way as it does for all other eBay orders
  • Rules Engine rules that assign shipping services will still run as intended
  • Orders for multiples of the same SKU from one buyer at the same time will be merged into a single order
  • Orders for multiple unique SKUs from one buyer are sent to Linnworks as new orders and will create a unique order for each SKU 
    • Do not modify the address in Linnworks in an attempt to merge these orders as the eCP code is required by eBay to be matched to the original order on eBay.