eBay Global Shipping Programme

This is a method for sellers on eBay to offer International Shipping to appeal to new buyers from overseas for your passive CBT listings. eBay will opt eligible listings into the new program and display them to overseas buyers. eBay will let you know when your listings are included in the program. As a seller you send your items to a Domestic Shipping Centre who will then forward it on the International end destination.

How it works

  • eBay will notify eligible sellers when listings are being enrolled into the Global Shipping Programme
  • International postage charges are automatically shown on your listings and paid in advance by your buyer
  • In Linnworks map your eBay international shipping services to a domestic Next Day service for despatching to the Domestic Shipping Centre
  • A downloaded order is identified by using the MutiLeg tag contained within the XML passed from eBay to Linnworks
  • The Address is automatically ammended to suit the Domestic Shipping Centre
  • Address Line 2 will contain the shipping reference number that is used by the Domestic Shipping centre for International forwarding purposes
  • Print your invoice/shipping label using your normal procedures
  • Ship the items to the Domestic Shipping Centre using a Next Day Service
  • Once your items arrive at the Domestic Shipping Centre, the items are sent to your buyer via a tracked international postage service

Supported Countries

eBay are currently supporting the GlobalShip Program in the following countries. To confirm if your eBay account is eligible to be included in the Global Shipping Program please use the following links


To submit new listings to be included as part of the Global Shipping Program set the option Global shipping program in the Listing Settings section on your configurator

International Shipping Services added in the Shipping section in the configurator will override the Global Shipping Programme option and it will not be displayed on your listings.

If you would like to have a Global Shipping Programme available on your listings, please make sure that only Domestic Shipping Services are added in the Shipping section in the configurator.

Further guides