eBay Strike off and Cancel Pending Relist Status

eBay Channel Mapping screen allows to strike off eBay listings or cancel pending relist status for them. You can strike off single item listings, variation parents and variation child items individually.

Strike off eBay listings

Step 1

Go to Settings > Channel Integration > Mapping to access eBay channel mapping screen. Click the cog icon on the left side of the screen and go to View Logs.
eBayviewlogsimg1 v2

Open the Active Listings tab and search for an item by eBay item number (eBay listing ID) using the search box in the top right-hand corner. Alternatively, use filters available for each column on the screen. Note that this only filters the current page of results. 

Step 3

Select an item, right-click on it and go to Action > Strike Off. Similarly, you can revert the strike off by right-clicking an item and then Action > Revert Strike Off.


Step 4

Confirm that you want to strike off the selected listing by clicking the Yes button in the warning pop-up.

Please note! When striking off variation listings:
  • Striking a parent item will strike off all child items.
  • Variation child items can be stricken off individually.

To strike listings off in bulk, you can use the Strike off eBay listing import. Please note, the import cannot be used to strike off individual variation child items. Specific child items can only be stricken off by following the steps above.

Audit trail

You can view the Audit Trail of a listing by selecting an item and then right-click > Audit Trail or by simply double-clicking on an item in the screen.


Cancel pending relist status for eBay listings

Go to the View Logs screen and open Relist Pending tab. Similarly to striking off eBay listings, search for an item in the screen, select it, and then right-click > Action > Do Not Relist.


Please note! You can cancel pending relist status for listings in bulk using the Delete eBay Pending Relist import. Listings will be ended once the import is completed.
To proceed with the import: 
  1. Prepare a CSV file with eBay item IDs that you need to cancel pending relist status for.
  2. Go to Settings > Import Data and click the Import Now button in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select the Delete eBay Pending Relist import type and set up the import following the steps described here.
  4. Click the Run Now button to start the import.

Ended Listings

You can see ended listings from eBay Channel Mapping > View Logs > Ended tab. In this screen, you can search for ended listings and view the audit trail of the listings.