EKM Order Status Mapping

Linnworks will only download orders from EKM if and when the order statuses from the channel are mapped to Linnworks order statuses that are intended to be downloaded. To map order statuses go to Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit channel details > Order.

NB! At least one of the EKM order statuses must be mapped to Linnworks status Paid (or Unpaid, if Download Unpaid Orders is ticked) for the order download job to function.

ekm order status

Linnworks will download all the statuses that you have on the EKM (on the left). EKM statuses should be mapped to one of the Linnworks order statuses (on the right). Please make sure that you check carefully how Linnworks order statuses work to be sure that the system treats your orders according to your preferences.

If the order status we receive from EKM is mapped to Linnworks status:

  • Unmapped: Linnworks will not download it.
  • Shipped: Linnworks will not download it. Preferably only one EKM status should be mapped to Linnworks Shipped status. NB! Shipped status must be mapped for Linnworks to send despatch notifications to the channel.
  • Unpaid: Linnworks will download and mark the order as Unpaid in the system only if the Download Unpaid Orders setting is ticked.
  • Cancelled: Linnworks will download it if it is less than a week old, and show it as a cancelled processed order in Linnworks. NB! If the order was downloaded to Linnworks as Paid and was cancelled later, the status will be updated in Linnworks from Paid to Cancelled. This status needs to be mapped to use the Cancellation notes setting for orders cancelled in Linnworks to be updated on the channel.
  • Paid: Linnworks will make an additional check and look at the PaymentStatus. You can check which status order has on the channel in order XML in Linnworks:

ekm order status 3

  • If it is SUCCESS, the order will be marked as Paid in Linnworks.
  • If it is FAILED, the order will be marked as Unpaid in Linnworks. NB! If Download Unpaid Orders setting is unticked, the order will not be downloaded.
  • If it is UNKNOWN, Linnworks will make an additional check for the TransactionStatus. Transaction status is a value that comes from the integrated payment system (such as PayPal), and this value is sent by this system as a confirmation to EKM that the payment was successful (or not).

ekm order status 4

  • If under TransactionStatus in the XML you see Approved, Authorized, Captured, Complete, Success, Processed, Confirmed,  then the order will be saved as Paid in Linnworks. In all other cases, the order will be saved as Unpaid and only downloaded if Download Unpaid Orders setting is enabled.

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