Fruugo Channel Integration - Configure

This guide details the settings that can be configured for Fruugo channel integration once it has been added to Linnworks.

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To configure Fruugo channel integration, it must be added to Linnworks.

Configure channel settings

In the Channel Integration screen, click the pen icon for the required Fruugo integration.

Fruugo config

Available for the configuration options:


  • Username: the username associated with your Fruugo account.
  • Enabled: check the box to allow communication between Linnworks and Fruugo. When unchecked, no information will be sent to Fruugo or received from Fruugo.
  • Password: the password used to log into your Fruugo merchant center.
  • Test: used to confirm the supplied credentials work correctly, allowing communication between Fruugo and Linnworks.

Fruugo Account


  • Update inventory: allows Linnworks to submit stock changes to Fruugo. Linnworks supports multiple stock locations for additional warehouses/fulfillment centers/suppliers. Ensure you set which Linnworks locations are used when submitting stock level changes to your channel via the Location Mapping screen accessed from the main Channel Integration screen.
  • Max listed: this specifies the maximum level that will be sent to the channel.
  • Stock percentage: this will send a percentage of the currently available stock level to the channel.
  • End when: this enables you to end the listing when the stock level gets to the specified amount as opposed to the default value of zero.
    • For more details go to the End When guide. 

Fruugo Inventory


  • Despatch notes: after processing orders in Linnworks, a despatch notification and a tracking number (if available) will be submitted to the channel. When the option is disabled no despatch information will be submitted to Fruugo.
  • Currency: all orders downloaded will use this as the currency.
  • Ignore facilitator tax: when enabled, the setting will ignore marketplace facilitator taxes when calculating item tax rates. Note! The setting is enabled by default.
  • Order sync date [UTC]: the date and time of the most recently updated order that was amended in Linnworks during the last channel synchronization.

Fruugo Order


  • Listing download in progress: this option will be checked automatically when the listings update has started.
  • Listing download start time: shows the date and time of when the update has started.
  • Last listing download completion time: shows the date and time of when the last manual update was completed.
  • Listing download estimated completion: gives you an estimate of when the manual scan will be complete – the time can vary depending on the speed of servers and amount of listings.
  • Download listings: click this button to force Linnworks to request an update from the channel for your active listings.

Fruugo Listings is designed to update the listings on the mapping page regularly. However, if for any reason it has not, then the Download Listings button allows you to manually schedule an update.

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