FYNDIQ - Add New Integration

This guide will explain how to integrate an FYNDIQ account with Linnworks. 

Table of Contents

Quick Guide

  1. Go to Settings > Channel Integrations
  2. Click  Add New Integration and select FYNDIQ
  3. Click install FYNDIQ
  4. Enter the Account Name and click Next
  5. Enter your details and Click Next 
  6. Your integration has been completed


  • An active account with FYNDIQ. If you do not have one yet, please visit FYNDIQ site and register for it
  • Username and API Keys. Visit our section for Rules and Guidelines for FYNDIQ to know where to find them 

Detailed Guide

  1. Open the Channel Integrations Screen
    • Click Settings
    • Click Channel Integrations
  2. Add New
    • Click Add New Integration
    • Select Channel Integration FYNDIQ
  3. As External Application, click Install, and Click Next
    • Click Install again 
  4. Enter an Account Name for internal reference. This should help for later to distinguish the integration from others and Click Next 
  5. Read the Terms and Conditions for external applications and confirm by ticking the tick-box
    • Click Next
  6. Configure the Integration
    • Complete the fields with your Username and Country for your channel. 
    • Enter your credentials: API v1 Token, API v2 Token. Click here to know where to get the information
    • Click Next
  7. Click Close. FYNDIQ Integration has now been completed

Next Steps