FYNDIQ - Rules and Guidelines

This page will explain the basics of using FYNDIQ with Linnworks


Prior to integrating FYNDIQ channel with Linnworks you will need an active account and live credentials. To generate these, please follow below steps. 

  1. Please go to this link: https://fyndiq.se/merchant/settings/api/ 
    • If not logged in then please login
  2. API Settings page will be opened
  3. Click on “Create an API Token” and then Click on “Create an API v2 Token”
  4. 2 API tokens will be generated. Please copy and paste during the integration

Downloaded Orders

Orders are downloaded from FYNDIQ on a regular basis. Only orders with the status of PAID are downloaded into Linnworks from the channel. 

Despatch Notes, when enabled, allows Linnworks to send information about orders that have been Processed in Linnworks. Orders that are Processed in Linnworks are updated to the status managed on FYNDIQ backend.

Refunds and cancellations

Refunds and cancellations are not supported. Any refunds or cancellations must be executed in Linnworks, and then separately on the Channel.


Product Listing Requirements

  1. FYNDIQ channel must be integrated  with Linnworks.net
  2. While integrating FYNDIQ, Channel Name (Sub source) used must be defined in product’s extended property as below:
    • Property Name: SubSource Name (eg:Fyndiq_31082017)
    • Property Value: true
    • Property Type: Attribute
  3. Product must have at least one Image inserted in Linnworks.
  4. Stock Level must be greater than 0.
  5. Price must be greater than 0

Tracking Numbers

Orders in Linnworks cannot be edited after processing, and therefore the Tracking number must be in place before the order is processed if you want the channel integration to pass it.

In order to pass this tracking number to the channel, FYNDIQ shipping services must be mapped with your Linnworks postal services. 

Service Methods supported are: 

  • PostNord
  • Schenker
  • DHL
  • Bring
  • UPS
  • DSV
  • GLS

Next Steps