Kaufland Inventory Mapping

This guide details how to set up mapping between Linnworks Inventory and Kaufland Listings

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To set up mapping a Kaufland channel must already be added to Linnworks


The fundamental concept of Inventory Mapping is the same for all channel integrations. This means that the process of mapping Linnworks stock items to listings is the same for Kaufland as it is for most other selling channels. A generic guide for how to map inventory items to listings can be found here

Kaufland Specific Mapping Features

For most channels, all listings require a SKU, however for Kaufland listings, a SKU is an optional attribute for a listing. If a Listing has a SKU, then Linnworks will display it in the 'SKU' column on the mapping screen.

Kaufland has 2 product identifiers; id_offer which is configurable and id_item, which is an internal Kaufland ID. For information on how to add your SKU as the id_offer value; please see this guide.

The mapping screen will show the customisable id_offer if it is on the listing. If there is no id_offer, then id_item will be displayed. If a SKU is subsequently added in the id_offer field, the listing will need to be remapped.

Items that are listed multiple times on Kaufland because they are available in different conditions (new, used etc) can not have an id_offer associated with them. In this case, the mapping screen will show the id_item number suffixed with the item condition. For more information on this, please see our main Kaufland Rules and Guidelines documentation.

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