Magento 2 - Add New Channel Integration

This guide explains how to add your Magento 2 account to Linnworks.

For Magento 2 versions 2.3.0 and later, Inventory Management module (also referred to as MSI) may cause some stock level issues between the two systems.
We recommend disabling MSI on the Magento 2 server when using Linnworks. Here you can find guidance on how to do it.
Alternatively, a potential solution for disabling only the problematic aspects of MSI to use Magento MSI and Linnworks simultaneously is offered here. Please note that this solution is suggested by a 3rd party and Linnworks cannot confirm whether is a viable option.
Please contact your Magento developer to discuss and assist with implementing either of the options.


To add a new channel:

  1. Go to Settings > Channel Integration > +Add New
  2. Select Magento 2 in the list of available channels
  3. Click Integrate

Now you will need to go through several steps in Magento 2 Channel Integration Wizard.

Step 1

magento2 1 v2

  • Backend URL: the domain name of the Magento 2 site, e.g.
  • API Path: this field will be filled in with /rest/default/V1/ as a standard path for the Magento 2 account with the default store ID. If you changed the name of the default store or you want to integrate any other store (which is not the default one), make sure to replace the default part in the API path with the proper name. If you don't have multiple stores, you can remove the default part and use /rest/V1/ for the API path.
  • Authorisation Method: depending on the method selected Step 2 will vary and might require to access Magento 2 back-end
    • OAuth Auto (recommended)
    • OAuth Manual
    • Admin Login
  • Invoice Prefix: this is an optional prefix that will be used for order IDs from this channel.

Step 2 

Magento 2 is a highly customizable sales channel with a large number of extensions that can influence the integration process. It is not possible to adjust to all of them and though OAuth Auto method is a recommended one there can be cases when other methods are more suitable. Click on the selected method below to see the further guide:

Step 3 

This is a transitionary step to confirm the integration process is carrying on well, click Step 4 to continue.


Step 4

The final step will suggest downloading existing listings and open orders from your channel. Tick the boxes if you would like that.  


The integration now is successfully added you may continue to configure channel settings.

Step 2 - if OAuth Auto (recommended) is selected

OAuth Auto authentication is a token-passing mechanism that allows a system to control which external applications have access to internal data without revealing or storing any user IDs or passwords. More details can be checked in Magento documentation.

magento2 2 v2

Go to System > Integration > click Add New Integration.


First, choose the API section and give resource access to All:


Go back to Integrations Info and fill in Name, Callback URL and Identity link URL (provided in the wizard), Password and click Save & Activate:

magento2addnewchannel6 v2

  • Name: Linnworks
  • Callback URL:
  • Identity link URL:
  • Your Password: Password you use to log in to your Magento 2

This way Linnworks will request the channel to provide OAuth credentials every time they expired instead of storing them. 

Once it is done the wizard will continue automatically with further steps. Go back to Step 3 documentation.

Step 2 - if OAuth Manual is selected

This is an alternative OAuth method where tokens are created manually for external applications such as Linnworks to have access to internal data without revealing or storing any user IDs or passwords.

magento2 3

  1. As per on-screen instructions, go to System > Integration > click Add New Integration.
  2. First, choose the API section and give resource access to All:
  3. Go back to Integrations Info and fill in Name, Password and click Save & Activate and Allow:
  4. Use details provided in the next screen Integration Tokens for Extensions to fill in fields in the wizard and click Done.

 Go back to Step 3 documentation.

Step 2 - if Admin Login is selected 

This method requires user ID and password to integrate with Linnworks.

magento2 4

  • User Name: username on the Magento 2 backend
  • Password: password for the Magento 2 backend

With this method Step 3 is skipped, click to go to Step 4 documentation.