Magento 2 - Configure Channel Settings

Linnworks integration has multiple settings that allow detailed control of how Linnworks interacts with Magento 2. This guide will help you to configure your Magento 2 channel to make sure Linnworks is doing what is required.

Once the channel is added click on the pen icon in the channel integration screen for the required Magento 2 integration.


Available for the configuration options

  • Enabled: Tick this option to allow communication between Linnworks and Magento 2, without this ticked no information will be sent to channel or received from it. Once enabled Linnworks will download orders from Magento 2 that have the Status of "Processing" defined on Magento 2.
    NB! Below settings Use order State and Download pending orders affect which orders are downloaded from Magento.
  • Site URL: The domain of the Magento 2 site that is integrated.
  • API URL: The URL of where the API is - set as /rest/default/V1/ as standard.
  • Consumer Key: This is part of the API credentials obtained from Magento after creating a new integration on the Magento 2 backend.
  • Consumer Secret: This is part of the API credentials obtained from Magento after creating a new integration on the Magento 2 backend.
  • Access Token: This is part of the API credentials obtained from Magento after creating a new integration on the Magento 2 backend.
  • Access Token Secret: This is part of the API credentials obtained from Magento after creating a new integration on the Magento 2 backend.
If the main details like consumer key or API endpoint change, you can reset your channel with the new details by clicking on the "Test" button and following the re-integration wizard.
  • Work with Multi store: Allows downloading orders per each Magento Multistore individually. Multi stores are treated as locations in Linnworks. Multi stores are mapped to Linnworks locations and orders are downloaded into these locations respectively.
    NB! If 'Work with Multi store' is enabled, 'Work with specific Multi store' and 'Store site ID' must remain disabled.
  • Work with specific Multi store: Allows downloading orders from one of your Multi stores. Multistore site id is specified in the field below.
  • Store site ID: Orders will be downloaded from a store with this site ID.
  • Test: Click to confirm the supplied credentials work correctly allowing communication between Magento 2 and Linnworks. 
  • Reauthorize: This button will trigger to reauthorize your tokens if it is required.
  • Despatch notes: After processing an order in Linnworks a despatch notification, Tracking number and the selected Shipping Vendor will be submitted to the channel. This is then compared to a list of couriers on the channel and displayed if it matches a courier. If it doesn't match then "Custom" is displayed on the order. If no tracking number is available, nothing is submitted. When the option is disabled no despatch information will be submitted to Magento.
    NB! The status of the orders will be only marked as shipped if the version is 2.1.3 or higher.
  • Order sync date [UTC]: This shows the date and time when Linnworks last synchronised with the channel.
  • High volume orders: Tick this option if the channel deals with a high volume of orders, in the thousands, per day. This will then force orders to download in batch once an hour. This reduces the load on the server.
    NB! If this option is used, orders that are deleted from Linnworks will not be redownloaded due to the way Linnworks checks for valid orders to download.
  • Use base currency: This will force Linnworks to make use of the default store currency and prices as set in Magento 2 using the parameters in the downloaded order XML that are prefixed with "Base".
  • Use order state: By default, Linnworks downloads orders based on the status of the order {pending, processing} on Magento. By ticking this option Linnworks will instead only download them based on state {new, processing} as defined on Magento.
    • Order State is an attribute internal to Magento. It differs to order status, but they can be mapped in the Magento settings.
    • Several Status' can be mapped to one state, for example; an order state of payment_review could be mapped to status' of payment_review and fraud.
  • Download pending orders: Ticking this option will force Linnworks to also download orders that have the status of 'Pending' on Magento. If the option User Order State is enabled Linnworks will instead download orders where the state is set to "New" on Magento.
  • Pending order from date: Pending orders will only be downloaded from this date or sooner.
  • Payment methods to download pending orders: This allows for customisation of when pending orders will be downloaded.
    • For instance, if a customer was paying on the collection, but the order needed to be picked and packed in advance then payment method "cashondelivery", which by default is mapped as a pending order on Magento 2, could be set to download in Linnworks.
  • Download custom/configurable item options: Enable to download custom/configurable item option. If unticked, Linnworks will not check for custom/configurable item options.
  • Ignore Bundle Child Items: Use this option to ignore bundle child items during order download. Should only be enabled if the bundle parent has a linked SKU to a composite parent in Linnworks with the correct and exactly matching child items. When disabled, bundle child and parent items will be downloaded as separate items.
  • Ignore Bundle Parent Items: Use this option to ignore bundle parent items during order download. This option should be used e.g. when the parent SKU is a virtual parent with a generated SKU.
    NB! Ignore Bundle Parent Items and Ignore Bundle Child Items cannot be enabled simultaneously. Only one setting can be used at a time. However, both options can be disabled, whether needed.
  • Use Magento tax settings: When enabled Linnworks will use the tax percentage directly from the Magento order data when it is downloaded to Linnworks. If the option is not enabled Linnworks will back calculate tax based on the stock item tax or country tax as defined in Linnworks.
  • Coupon Control: this option is added to comply with Only process an order if all items are linked setting from Settings > General Settings > Order Settings > Error Prevention. If Only process an order if all items are linked setting is enabled, select how Linnworks should treat coupons in the order:
    • Line Item: show Coupon details as an order line item.
    • Order Note: show Coupon details as Additional Info.
    • Ignore: do not save Coupon details.
  • Cancellation notes:  When enabled Linnworks will send order cancellation notes to your sales channel once the order is partially or fully cancelled (only unpaid orders can be cancelled)
  • Refund notes:  When enabled Linnworks will send order refund notes to your sales channel once the order is partially or fully refunded
  • Return notes:  When enabled Linnworks will send order return notes to your sales channel once the order is partially or fully returned
  • Magento email notification on despatch: Enabling this option will instruct Magento 2 to send an email to the customer when the order is processed in Linnworks
  • Raise invoice after despatch:  When enabled once the order is complete on Magento 2, Linnworks will try to raise an invoice. This will trigger any payment capture actions on your payment gateway.
  • Capture invoice after raise: This option relates to the use of pre-authorised payments/orders.
  • Invoice prefix: This is the prefix given to invoices from this channel, the prefix is assigned when the channel is first integrated and can not be changed.
  • Update Inventory: Allow Linnworks to submit changes in stock levels to Magento 2. Linnworks supports multiple stock locations for additional warehouses/ fulfilment centres/suppliers. Ensure you set which Linnworks locations are used when submitting changes in stock levels to your channel via the Location Mapping screen accessed from the main Channel Integration screen.
  • Max Listed: This specifies the maximum level that will be sent to the channel
  • Stock Percentage: This will send a percentage of the currently available stock level to the sales channel
  • End When: This enables you to force the listing to end when the stock level gets to the specified amount as opposed to the default value of zero
  • For more details go to the End When guide. 
  • Do not mark as out-of-stock: Enabling this option will not mark SKUs with 0 available quantity as out-of-stock.
Inventory - Price Change
  • Price Change: Price Change is designed to automate the process of updating the sales channel once a Linnworks stock item has had its listing price updated and saved For more details go to the Price Change guide.
  • Listing download in progress: This tick box will tick itself if a Listing Update has begun.
  • Listing download start time: This will show the date and time of when the update has begun.
  • Last listing download completion time: The time when the last listing download was completed (launched via the "Download listings" button).
  • Listing download estimated completion: This will give you an estimate of when the listings download will be complete – the time can vary depending on server speeds and the amount of listings.
  • Download Listings: Click on this button to force Linnworks to request an update from the channel for your active listings.
  • Click Save to keep all the selected settings.