Magento 2 Shipping Mapping

Linnworks allows you to map all your different channel services to a predefined list of Linnworks services, to keep your shipping methods consistent between channels. This also allows for scripts, macros, and automation rules to manage all orders in a similar way, regardless of their channel of origin.

Table of Contents

Generic Shipping Mapping

Shipping mapping in follows a generic process, regardless of the sales channel you are using. Some channels have additional functionality, which is covered in the section below. For a guide on the generic use of shipping mapping, please click here.

Magento 2 Specific Settings

In addition to the standard shipping mapping functionality, Magento2 has an additional option. Clicking the  button will open a menu with the following option:

  • Update Channel Shipping: This will download shipping methods from the channel so that they can be mapped
    • This will be added to the existing list of shipping methods, to map it, click Add New and select the appropriate shipping method from the Channel Postal Service drop-down menu

Please Note! In order for Linnworks to download a shipping method, an active order must appear on Magneto 2 with that shipping method. It may be necessary to generate dummy orders with the appropriate shipping method in order to download them into Linnworks.