Privalia - Add New Channel Integration

This guide is a walk-through of the steps required to integrate your Privalia account with Linnworks via an external channel integration.

Table of Contents

External Integration Fees

Applications made by 3rd parties may have fees for their use in addition to your Linnworks subscription plan. If an additional application subscription is required, the application may not function without an active plan, but it is down to the developer to determine and restrict functionality if required. In order to subscribe for a plan, please locate the application in the Application Store and either install the application or click Change Plan.


Before integrating Privalia with Linnworks, you will need the following:

  1. A Privalia seller account in a supported country, currently only the UK and Spain
  2. Access to your Privalia API details

Add New Channel

Quick Guide

  1. Go to Settings > Channel Integration
  2. Click Add New, select Privalia, then click Next
  3. Fill in Account Name
  4. Agree to the 3rd party application terms and conditions
  5. Fill in your ShopId, Marketplace Country, API Key, Shop URL and select your channel's Default Currency
  6. Click Finish

Detailed Guide

  1. Go to Settings > Channel Integration
    • In go to Settings on the side bar menu and then click Channel Integration
  2. Click Add New, select Privalia and then click Integrate
    • On the Channel Integration screen click the Add New button
    • Select Privalia from the list of Channels and click Integrate
  3. Fill in Account Name and click next
    • This is a name that you wish to identify the integration within Linnworks
  4. As the integration was not developed by Linn Systems, you will have to agree to the 3rd party application terms and conditions
  5. Fill in your Privalia credentials and click Next
    • Shop ID: This can be found by logging into your Privalia seller portal and selecting My Account > Settings and copying the ID
    • Country: This is the regional marketplace that you wish to integrate
    • API Key: Click on your email address in the Privalia seller portal, which will then display the API key
    • Shop URL: This is the web address of your Privalia store
    • Default Currency: This is the currency your store produces orders in. If no value is selected, your default Linnworks currency will be used for orders
  6. Click Finish to finish the integration process

Next Steps