Visualsoft - Add New Channel Integration

This guide explains how to add your Visualsoft account to Linnworks. Please note that this integration was developed as an External Application by a member of the Linn Systems team.

To add a new channel:

  1. Go to Settings > Channel Integration > +Add New
  2. Select Visualsoft in the list of available channels
  3. Click Integrate and install the application

Now you will need to go through simple steps in Visualsoft Channel Integration Wizard:

1. Enter the unique account name that will help you to identify the integration within the system.


2. Get familiar with our terms and conditions and confirm that you agree, click Next


3. Provide your channel credentials and click Next


  • Website URL: Visualsoft website URL
  • API ClientID: Visualsoft API ClientID
  • API Username: Visualsoft API Username
  • API Password: Visualsoft API Password

4. Provide order settings and click Next

visualsoft update 1


  • Use Channel Tax: Enabling this option will instruct Linnworks to use Taxes supplied by Visualsoft in the overall order total calculation process.
  • Orders Tax Cost Inclusive: Defines if order item prices include tax.
  • Customer Order Dispatch Email: Tick if you would like to send Customer Email on Dispatch
  • Order Prefix: This is the prefix given to orders from this channel
  • Exclude Fraudulent Orders: tick to exclude any orders which have been marked as Fraudulent by Visualsoft
  • Amazon Orders: Tick to pull Amazon Orders
  • Ebay Orders: Tick to pull eBay Orders
  • Playtrader Orders: Tick to pull Playtrader Orders
  • Tesco Direct Orders: Tick to pull Tesco Orders

Please Note! If you are using Visualsoft for downloading orders from Amazon or eBay then these channels should not be integrated into Linnworks or it may cause duplicated orders.


5. Integration is now done. Click Finish and you can get started.