Walmart - Rules and Guidelines 

This page will explain the basics of using Walmart with Linnworks and specific advice letting the two systems work together as one seamless platform.

Requisites to get a Walmart Account

Walmart, known as one of the largest retailers in the world with online website platforms in more than 11 countries, has certain prerequisites to become a seller, however, by joining Walmart Marketplace, you have the unique opportunity to reach approximately 80 million unique visitors each month.

Walmart is constantly looking for reputable retailers and brands that can provide: first-class customer service, unique product assortment, competitive pricing and a fast and reliable fulfilment. Here you can find some requisites from Walmart to join their marketplace: 

  1. A US business entity with Tax ID
  2. The only business function that can be outside the US is customer support and this must be in English
  3. More than $1M in GMV across all US marketplaces
  4. UPC or GTIN Codes provided for each SKU
  5. Fulfil orders from a US warehouse
  6. Preferred categories include consumer electronics, apparel, home goods, sporting goods and outdoor goods, although other categories will be considered
  7. The ability to provide US marketplace (Amazon, eBay, Jet etc...) accounts with feedback standards that meet minimum Walmart Marketplace standards
  8. Must not:
    • Use FBA for Walmart Marketplace orders, although you may use other 3PL warehouses
    • Sell products in prohibited products categories
    • Sell the following brands on Walmart: Beats, Canon, Fitbit, GoPro, LG, Nikon, Samsung, Sony Televisions (other Sony products are unaffected)

How can I apply and join the Walmart Marketplace? Please visit http:/ and click 'Apply Now'. This verification process is proprietary and confidential and once they receive your application a Marketplace Representative will reach out to you to discuss next steps.

Requisites for Walmart existing sellers

The steps to integrate Walmart within Linnworks are very simple using our wizard and you will just need the API credentials provided by Walmart. Please watch this animation to see how simple it is. 

If you are currently using another tool to manage your Walmart orders, inventory and listings you will need let Walmart know that you would like to move over to the Linnworks integration by creating a new Case within Walmart and once they have confirmed the switch you will be able to integrate your account in Linnworks. Walmart has provided a guide on creating a new case which can be found here.

Our suggested content for the new case is detailed below

Subject Migrating to Linnworks
Issue Category My Account
Sub-Category Change Channel Partner
Description Dear Walmart,
I am an existing user of Linnworks and would like to take advantage of the new integration they have released for Walmart. Could you please update my Channel Partner details to enable me to manage my Walmart orders and listings through Linnworks


Order Life-cycle and Charge values 

Walmart's orders are downloaded to Linnworks on a regular basis every 15 minutes.  Linnworks will pull orders based on the status on Walmart as detailed below: 

Status Walmart Definition Linnworks Action
Created Orders that have been placed on Walmart and are waiting to be downloaded Linnworks will download the order, initially marking it as Unpaid and Parked to prevent accidental Processing. An Acknowledgement Request will be immediately submitted to Walmart
Acknowledge The order has been confirmed by Walmart as downloaded to Linnworks The order will be updated to Paid and Unparked ready for order processing
Shipped The order has already despatched to the customer Once an order has processed in Linnworks and all items have been despatched the status on Walmart will be updated to this status if Despatch notes are enabled on the channel config. Linnworks is not designed to download orders with the status of "Shipped".
Cancelled The order has been cancelled and is no longer required by the customer When an order is cancelled within Linnworks the status on Walmart is automatically if the Option "Cancellation Notes" is enabled on the channel config. Linnworks is not designed to download orders with the status of "Cancelled"

Fulfilment Lag Time

Note: If you are a Walmart existing customer, Walmart Marketplace will begin accepting and reviewing Sellers’ requests for category-based Lag Time Exceptions (click here to download the List of Categories).

If you need extended lag time (2 days or more) then you will need to create a Partner Support case that includes a list of Item Setup product categories where all or some SKUs require exceptions.The Walmart Marketplace team will then review the information provided in the case and inform you whether the request was approved or denied. To avoid issues with existing inventory, Sellers must complete the Lag Time Exception application process by the end of October.

  • Information Required for Approval:

In the body of the Partner Support case, you must provide a list of product categories where all or some SKUs require exceptions. Along with the list of categories, you must address the following questions:

  1. How many SKUs in each category will require extended lag time?
  2. How many days of Lag Time are you planning to add to the SKUs in these categories?   
  3. Why are you requesting an exception and why you cannot support same or next day shipping in these categories?  
  4. Do you have inventory in stock in your warehouse for the SKUs that require exceptions? Or do you source from a third-party vendor?
  5. What percentage of your total sales on Walmart Marketplace do these SKUs account for?
  6. What percentage of your catalog do these SKUs represent?
  7. If an exception is rejected, how will it impact your business on Walmart Marketplace?


Walmart offers the possibility of Promotional pricing as an optional way for its Sellers to create unique pricing for events such as clearance sales or to call out a comparison price.

  • Promotion types: 
    • Clearance: This type should be used only when you're trying to clear out your inventory by significantly reducing the price (e.g., when an item is discontinued)
    • Reduced: This type should be used if savings are greater than $5 for items that cost more than $100, or 5% for items less than $100
    • Reduce/Clearance Compare: The existing Price by Channel of the item, if you set up a promotion, may display as the “was” price
  • When working with promotional prices in Walmart Product pricing by channel data will be taken 
    • An existing Price By Channel is compulsory when creating promotional prices
  • A Promotion in Walmart Listing Tool needs to be created and mapped to the item. Remember, you can set up no more than 10 promotions for an item at a time
  • Any promotions beyond 365 days will result in an error and the promotion end date can't be before or equal to the promotion start date (Start Date and End Date can only be changed for promotions that haven't started yet)
  • If a promotion schedule is overlapping or the same as other promotions for the same item, it will result in an error
  • The effective start date for a given promotion should be more than four hours from the current date and time. You can not cancel a promotion within four hours of the start time. If you want to cancel a promotion that is about to start, you should let it begin and then use the delete item option

Refunds & Cancellations

Order Cancellation and Refunds are allowed with Walmart integration. See our dedicated documentation for further details.


Orders cancelled in Linnworks will automatically have the status updated to "Cancelled" on Walmart when the option 'Cancellation Notes' is enabled in the Channel Config. Walmart will automatically action refunds as appropriate for these orders


Refunds will be issued on Walmart when the option 'Refund Notes' is enabled in the Channel Config. Only orders with the status of Shipped can be refunded and the value being refunded must be less than or equal to the amount the customer paid

Despatch notifications

When despatch notifications are submitted to Walmart, Tracking number and Shipping Vendor are submitted. Walmart has a predefined list of Carrier names that they support:

  • Airborne
  • On Trac
  • FedEx 
  • UPS
  • USPS


By any standards, Walmart Marketplace is remarkably successful, one of the largest retailers in the world with online website platforms in more than 11 countries with more than 80 million visitors each month, has proven its visibility. Therefore, knowing well how to list in Walmart Marketplace is an advantage as a Seller. 

One of the first requisites to List in Walmart is having at least one Walmart account integrated with Linnworks and our Walmart Listing Tool installed. This tool allows you to create and manage listings on the Walmart marketplace and ensures that your product listings conform to Walmart's requirements and that product data is accurate. 

Please visit our dedicated documentation on Listing on Walmart Marketplace for more details.

Permissions for Walmart  (US integration)

To be able to use all the features that Linnworks have for Walmart US a set of required permissions should be enabled on the channel back-end.  Please go to  Walmart Developer Center > Delegated Access  and adjust bellow permissions:

Minimum required permissions:

  • Order Download:
    • Orders: Full Access
  • Listing Download:
    • Reports: View Only 

Other features:

  • Create/Update Listings:
    • Item: Full Access
    • Feeds: View Only
  • Order Despatch:
    • Orders: Full Access
  • Order Cancellations:
    • Orders: Full Access
  • Order Refunds:
    • Returns: Full Access
  • Inventory Sync:
    • Inventory: Full Access
    • Feeds: View Only
  • Price Change:
    • Price: Full Access
    • Feeds: View Only

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