Walmart - Orders Cancellations & Refunds

Once an order has been processed in Walmart, Linnworks and Walmart Integrations provide a variety of after-sale functionality to help you manage your orders once they have left the warehouse. The options are: Order Cancellations and Refunds

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Order Cancellations and Refunds


Please Note! For the US Walmart integration the following permissions must be given in the Walmart Developer Center > Delegated Access to cancel the order:
  • Orders: Full Access

Please check more details about the permissions here.

Walmart orders can be cancelled automatically on Walmart by cancelling them in Linnworks and the steps to do so are very similar when cancelling on any other channel, although we can find a few exceptions when it comes to

  1. Ensure that 'Cancellation notes' is enabled in the channel config screen before you proceed to cancel an order
  2. Find the order within Open Order and right-click on it to select Actions > Cancel Order
  3. Once selected the action 'Cancel Order', a new window will be displayed where a reason for cancellation need to be selected from the drop-down list
  4. Tick the checkbox 'Send cancellation note to channel'
  5. The cancellation will automatically create a refund in Linnworks for the order that 
  • The Linnworks cancellation is for your own record purposes only
  • The Linnworks cancellation will be automatically marked as Actioned
  • Walmart will automatically action refunds as appropriate for these orders
  • A Cancellation Status notification will be displayed whether or not the cancellation has been successfully created

If an order is cancelled directly on Walmart after Linnworks has accepted the order, it would still need to be cancelled in Linnworks. If the order is cancelled before Linnworks has accepted the order then Linnworks will not download orders with the status of 'Cancelled'.


Please Note! For the US Walmart integration the following permissions must be given in the Walmart Developer Center > Delegated Access to refund the order:
  • Returns: Full Access

Please check more details about the permissions here.

The Walmart integration with Linnworks allows you to create complete or partial refunds for orders. When a refund is actioned in Linnworks, a new refund will be automatically created and processed on Walmart under the assumption that 'Refund Notes' is enabled when configuring the channel

To issue a refund for Walmart Integration:

  1. Go to Order Book > Process Orders and Search the order to be refunded
  2. Right-click on the order > click Actions > Refunds 
  3. Refunds can be created separately for items and/or for shipping charges
  4. Only one item/Shipping Cost can be refunded at a time. Select the item or Shipping Cost and Click the + Add Refund button
  5. A reason must be selected from the drop-down button menu and the amount must be completed (remember, Walmart allows complete and partial refunds)
  6. Make sure you got selected the tick box 'Send refund notes to channel'. The refund will be submitted to Walmart and confirmed in real time (either CONFIRMED or ERROR status)
  7. Click Add to complete the process. Once the changes are saved the refund is created in Linnworks and a window will pop up indicating if the refund was successfully applied with a link to view the refund history

Remember, once you have logged a Refund, it will appear in the Returns Refunds screen. Remember, if you do not action this refund, it will not appear in any refund related reports

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