Wish - Add New Channel Integration

This guide explains how to add your Wish account to Linnworks. Please note that this integration was developed as an external application by a member of the Linnworks team. Support for the integration is provided via Linnworks Support Centre. 


Log in to your Wish backend to find your Wish Merchant ID that will be used for channel integration. The Merchant ID can be found under Settings > General Information > Merchant Id:

wish backend 4

To add a new channel:

  1. Go to Settings > Channel Integration > +Add New.
  2. Select Wish in the list of available channels.
  3. Click Install Application.

wish install

Now you will need to go through simple steps in Wish Channel Integration Wizard:

  1. Enter the unique account name that will help you to identify the integration within the system. Add wish 1
  2. Read through our terms and conditions and confirm that you agree with them by ticking the respective box, click Next. add wish 2
  3. Click on the Installation Link to authorize the application. It will open your Wish Merchant login page in a separate window.add wish 3 v2
  4. Login to your Wish Merchant account in the new window.wish backend 1
  5. Confirm you allow the Linnworks application the needed access.
    Once agreed, you will see a window with text noting you can now proceed in Linnworks.net. It will also display your API tokens, which you may note down for reference, but the integration will fill those in automatically for you in Linnworks. Close the window and continue in Linnworks.net.wish backend 2
  6. Insert your Wish Merchant ID in the respective field and click Next.add wish 3.2
  7. The Access and Refresh Token fields will be automatically filled in from your Wish authorization step and display ***. Click Next.
    If you are not seeing these entries in the fields, please contact our Technical Support.add wish 4
  8. Fill in your Order setup details and click Next.add wish 5
    • Channel Tax: When ticked, orders will be downloaded using the tax values specified in Wish. When unticked - Linnworks tax settings will be used.
      NB! This setting is only applicable if you are enrolled in the respective program on Wish directly (Account > Tax Settings > Enroll).
    • Wish Warehouse: The Wish location into which the stock level updates will be sent.
    • Currency: The Currency you wish to use for your pricing.
    • OriginCountryCode: This is used during the shipping process. Use the Alpha-2 ISO code of the country you will be shipping from as given here. E.g. GB for the United Kingdom, US for the United States, etc.

  9. Integration is now done. Click Finish and you can get started.add wish 6

Next steps: