WooCommerce - Rules and Guidelines

This page will explain some rules and concepts that are relevant to working with WooCommerce through Linnworks

Table of contents:

Inventory Mapping

In order for all items from WooCommerce to appear in the inventory mapping screen in Linnworks, there is a list of criteria that the item must meet.

Simple single item products must meet the following criteria:

  • The product must have a SKU.
  • The product type must be set to Simple and not Grouped.
  • The Downloadable and Virtual product attributes must both be set to False.
  • The product visibility setting must be ​Public.
  • The product must be published publicly

Variation items must meet the following criteria:

  • At least one variation child item must be present within the variation group.
  • Both Parent and Child products must have SKUs.
  • The Parent SKU must not match any of the Child SKUs.
  • The Parent item Product type on Woocommerce must be set to Variable.
  • Parent and Child products Downloadable and Virtual product attributes must both be set to False.
  • Parent and Child products product visibility setting must be Public.
  • Parent and Child products must be published publicly.

Inventory Sync

Manage stock option has to be enabled on Woocommerce backend for stock level updates to work. 

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings.
  2. Click the Products tab, then the little Inventory link.
  3. Check the Manage Stock option to enable stock on all products.


IOSS and EORI numbers

Linnworks is able to automatically download IOSS and EORI numbers from WooCommerce with the rest of the order data and save them on Linnworks orders as Order Extended Properties. The values need to be provided by WooCommerce under metadata fields called SenderIOSSNumber and SenderEORINumber. For assistance on how to set this up on WooCommerce, please contact WooCommerce directly.

wc ioss

The values are then saved as Order Extended Properties called MARKETPLACE_IOSS and MARKETPLACE_EORI respectively, which can be mapped to the needed properties on the Shipping Integrations.

Order Status

Linnworks will download orders from WooCommerce if they are in statuses Processing or Pending. 

An order will be marked as Paid in Linnworks only if the WooCommerce status is Processing and the payment method is Paid in the information provided by WooCommerce.

A Pending order will be downloaded, but marked as Unpaid in Linnworks only If the Download Unpaid orders setting is enabled. It will receive an update from the channel with further order syncs if and when the status changes to Processing.

An order that is in status Processing, but e.g. a credit card transaction for the order has failed, will be considered as Unpaid and downloaded only if Download Unpaid orders setting is enabled.

Service Item Titles

When a WooCommerce order is downloaded into Linnworks containing a Service item but the title is not provided, the item will be saved with the title "UNKNOWN"


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