Inventory Updates

Linnworks can send inventory stock levels from one or more specific Linnworks locations to a specific channel. For successful inventory sync:

  • The channel needs to be integrated and enabled.
    • Full list of available channels can be found here.
  • Linnworks inventory needs to be mapped with channel listings.
    • A detailed guide for inventory mapping can be found here.
  • Linnworks locations that you want to sync available levels from are selected for each channel.
    • A detailed guide for location mapping can be found here.

Once all of the above conditions are met, Linnworks will be able to update stock levels on the channel.

Inventory update logic

It is important to understand the logic of inventory updates before configuring channel integrations settings in order to avoid unexpected results.

The available stock level is always sent from Linnworks to the channel and not vice versa. Linnworks operates as a central hub for all your integrated channels, so Linnworks needs to be the main source of information for the current stock levels at your warehouses.

Inventory Updates


If you need to change stock levels on a listing, then the correct way would be to change the levels in Linnworks, so this information will be sent to the listing during the sync process.

If you update available levels directly on the listing, then it will be over-written with the details from Linnworks during the next inventory synchronization.

  1. TEST_SS7052 in Linnworks has 5 available items.available new
  2. Stock level is changed to 10 directly on the listing.
  3. Linnworks does not know about the change on the channel and will not send any updates to the channel until there is a change in the available level in Linnworks. The quantity in Linnworks remains at 5.
  4. An order is placed for SKU TEST_SS7052.
  5. Linnworks downloads and saves this order into the system.
  6. The stock gets reserved and available quantity decreases in Linnworks.
  7. Linnworks sends the newly available level for this SKU to all other channels where this SKU is linked. This will overwrite any amount set on the channels directly.


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