Despatch notification 

Once an order is processed, Linnworks can send a despatch notification to the channel to mark the order as shipped. If a tracking number is available, then it will be submitted to the channel along with the selected shipping vendor.

For a successful order despatch:

  • A despatch notification setting must be enabled in Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel Details > Order - Despatch Notes. This setting needs to be enabled individually for each channel before the order is processed.despatch


  • The original items must remain in the order. Linnworks will not send despatch notes if original items in the order were removed and/or replaced. Most channels use the item reference number in despatch notes and allow you to mark separate items in the order as shipped. If you change the order item, it will no longer have the original channel reference number and the order will not be marked as shipped on the channel. 

Despatch timestamp

Information about despatch notifications is stored in the Audit Trail of the order. In order to check whether Linnworks has submitted it to the channel, you need to go to Processed Orders > right-click on the order > View > View Order > Audit Trail. If the despatch notification was sent, you will be able to see a record along the lines of Order Despatch Submitted.


There may also be a record stating that order despatch has failed. The system also usually indicates a reason for the failure in the same Audit Trail record.

Important! When Linnworks sends despatch notifications, it also sends the current timestamp to the channel. If an order has previously been processed on the channel manually and then later processed in Linnworks, then the despatch notification from Linnworks will overwrite the original timestamp which can lead to issues with late despatch on certain channels. We recommend working with despatch notes exclusively via Linnworks to avoid such situations.

Channel-specific info

For more information on despatch notes for each specific channel, please see below:


For Amazon orders, Linnworks will display the following information in the Audit Trail:

  • Order Despatch Submitted: Added to the audit trail when a despatch note is sent.
  • No Despatch required: This is shown if despatch notes are disabled
  • Order Successfully Despatched: Added when Amazon has confirmed the despatch request was accepted
  • Order Despatch Failed: This is shown with a reason for the failure if a despatch note failed to send. Linnworks will attempt to resend the despatch note for the next 24 hours.
  • Despatch Rejected: This can be added if the channel has been deleted or disabled.
  • Dispatch note is ignored: This will be added if the despatch notification is disabled.


Cdiscount requires tracking numbers to be submitted when the buyer has selected either registered or tracked service. If no tracking number is submitted, then the despatch notification will be rejected and the order will not be updated to the shipped status on Cdiscount.

To make sure tracking numbers are generated, select an appropriate Postal Service Method when generating the shipping label.


There are several  specific conditions which should be satisfied for the despatch note to be submitted to eBay:

  1. Tracking numbers need to be longer than 5 characters.
  2. If either the Linnworks Postal Service or the Vendor name is Default, the tracking number will not be submitted.
  3. eBay will match the submitted Vendor name (from the postal service) to the list of supported shipping carriers. If there is no match, the tracking number will not be accepted.


After the order is processed in Linnworks, the system submits a despatch notification, tracking number, and the selected shipping vendor to Etsy. The vendor is then compared to a list of supported couriers on the channel and displayed if there is a match. If there is no match, then 'Custom' is displayed on the order. If no tracking number is available, nothing is submitted.


FNAC despatch notification requires a valid Vendor to be specified in Postal Services.



List of Vendors supported by FNAC:

Carrier Code - Carrier Name

"ADREXO" - Adrexo
"AFTERSHIP" - AfterShip
"ALIANCA" - Alianca
"AMAZONLOGISTICS" - Amazon Logistics
"ASENDIA" - Asendia
"AUTRE" - Autre
"BALAJISHIPPING" - Balaji Shipping
"BC" - B2C
"BLUESKY" - Blue Sky
"BONNARD" - Bonnard
"BPOST__" - bpost__
"CCHEZVOUS" - C Chez Vous
"CHINASHIPPING" - China Shipping
"CHRONOPOST" - Chronopost
"COLIPOSTE" - Coliposte
"COLISSIMO" - Colissimo
"COLISSIMOACCESS" - Colissimo Access
"COLISSIMOEXPERT" - Colissimo Expert
"COURRIERSUIVI" - Courrier Suivi
"DEUTSCHEPOST" - Deutsche Post
"DUCROS" - Ducros
"EUROMATIC" - Euromatic
"EXAPAQ" - Exapaq
"FEDEX" - Fedex
"FRANCEEXPRESS" - France Express
"GEODISCALBERSON" - Geodis Calberson
"GOEXPRESS" - Go Express
"HERMES" - Hermes
"KIALA" - Kiala
"KUEHNEETNAGEL" - Kuehne et Nagel
"LAPOSTE" - La Poste
"LETTRESUIVIE" - Lettre Suivie
"MONDIALRELAY" - Mondial Relay
"MORYDUCROS" - Mory Ducros
"OTHER" - Other
"PARCELFORCE" - Parcelforce
"POSTENALAND" - Posten Âland
"RELAISCOLISTRANSPORTEUR" - Relais Colis Transporteur
"ROYALMAIL" - Royal Mail
"SCHENKERJOYAU" - schenker-joyau
"SELLIER" - Sellier
"SOCOLISSIMO" - SoColissimo
"SPRING" - Spring Global Mail
"TAT" - TAT Express
"ZIEGLER" - Ziegler

Please Note! If the Vendor in Postal Services is set as NONE, the system will not be able to send a despatch note.



When the despatch notification is sent to Magento, the order status on the channel will be set to 'Complete'. Linnworks does not download Magento orders with this status. 

Magento also has several features you can use with the despatch notification, they can be enabled in the channel config:

  • Magento email notification on despatch: enabling this option will instruct Magento to send an email to the customer when the order is processed in Linnworks.
  • Raise invoice after despatch: once the order is marked as complete, Linnworks will tell Magento to raise an invoice which triggers any payment capture actions on your payment gateway.
  • Capture invoice after raise: this option relates to the use of pre-authorized payments/orders.

Magento 2

Please Note! for Magento 2, the status of the orders will only be updated to shipped if the Magento version is 2.1.3 or higher.

Linnworks offers limited support for couriers providing tracking numbers and courier information to Magento. It is limited in that the tracking number and courier name will be provided to Magento no matter which courier is being used, however, only DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS will be recognized by Magento. If, for example, you are using Royal Mail, the courier information on Magento will reflect as "Custom" (tracking number will still be sent correctly).

In order to get any of the four supported courier names to work on Magento, the postal services must be mapped in Linnworks with the Linnworks service name specifically being "DHL", "USPS", "UPS" or "FedEx" (case insensitive).

Please see the image below as an example:


  • Newegg will reject despatch notifications that do not have tracking information added.
  • Newegg will cancel orders that are not marked as despatched within a specified period*

*You are allowed 72 hours to ship an order upon receiving an order confirmation from us. After 72 hours, orders will auto-void and you will not be paid, regardless if you have shipped the merchandise or not. -


After the order is processed, Linnworks will send a despatch notification to the channel and the order status on OpenCart will be updated with the status that the user selected during the OpenCart integration:


Rakuten France

Rakuten France will show the vendor name if it matches a list of supported vendors, otherwise, the shipping vendor will appear as "Other".

List of Vendors supported by Rakuten France:

  • Colissimo
  • DHL
  • DPD
  • Exapaq
  • Fedex
  • FranceExpress
  • GLS
  • Privepackages
  • SoColissimo
  • Tatex
  • TNT
  • TrackableCourier
  • UPS


Sears compares the postal service and vendor to a list of recognized shipping vendors and services. If no match is found, the shipping service will appear as "Standard" on the channel.


Linnworks will attempt to match the Carrier name to those predefined by Shopify, however in the event of no match the vendor's name as defined in Linnworks will be submitted to Shopify.

Linnworks requires permissions to be granted on Shopify with read and write access. If it is not done, then the despatch notification will fail.

Digital Items:

When processing orders that contain digital items, despatch errors may be logged due to the fact that the individual items have previously been marked as despatched directly on Shopify prior to the order downloading. This does not affect the despatch process or tracking information.

  • Linnworks downloads the whole order including digital items so that you have a full record of the order.
  • When the order is processed in Linnworks, a fulfilment notification is submitted to Shopify for each item within the order.
  • In the case of orders containing digital items, an error is returned informing Linnworks the item is already fulfilled.
  • At this point, Linnworks re-submits the order items that have not returned the already fulfilled error, so that Shopify can also mark these items as fulfilled.


If a tracking number is not available, then Linnworks will submit 'No tracking' suffixed with the order reference number.


Linnworks will send despatch notifications to WooCommerce if the according setting is enabled in Channel Settings. If it is disabled, no despatch information will be submitted to the channel. 

Please Note! Tracking number and vendor will only be sent if the Woocommerce version is 3.0 or higher via the meta_data field using the new API 2.0