Order Download

Linnworks downloads orders from the integrated channels during the sync process.

By default, all unshipped orders, both paid and unpaid are downloaded. This allows Linnworks to reserve available stock for the required items to avoid overselling.

When a new order is downloaded, all order details are downloaded from the channel in the raw XML format. Based on this information, a new order is created in Linnworks with all details about the buyer and the purchase. All new orders will be created in Open Orders.

Before starting order download, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Linnworks inventory needs to be linked with channel listings. This will allow Linnworks to know which inventory items the customer purchased on the channel and display inventory information such as item image, stock availability status, and Linnworks SKU. If the items are not linked, then Linnworks will not know which item has been purchased, the available level for the items will not be reserved, and Linnworks will display a question mark instead of the item in the order.orderdownload1
    • A detailed guide for inventory mapping can be found here.
  • Linnworks will download orders to the Default location. If you work with more than one location, then you can select which location the orders will be downloaded into for each specific channel.
    • A detailed guide for location mapping can be found here.