Payment Mapping

You can configure Linnworks to match the selected payment method on the channel to a payment method in Linnworks to keep track of what payment methods your buyers used when making a purchase.

In order to set this up:

  • Linnworks payment methods need to be created.
  • Payment mapping must be set for each channel in Settings > Channel Integration > Payment Methods screen.


Linnworks Payment Methods

In order to use Payment Mapping, any required payment methods must already exist in your Linnworks account. Go to Settings > Order Settings > Payment Methods and click on Add Payment Method to create the payment methods you want to be displayed on your orders.

Mapping Payment Methods

There are two ways to map payment methods in Linnworks:


addbutton If the channel allows Linnworks to view it payment methods as part of its integration, then you can choose a payment method from a list.

createbutton If the channel does not allow Linnworks to obtain a list of payment methods, then you will need to create a new channel payment method, before you can map it.

deletebutton Use this button to delete an unwanted method. Select a method and click Delete button > click Save.

Adding Payment Methods

To add a new payment mapping rule, click the +Add New button and choose a channel payment method, followed by the Linnworks payment method that you want to map it to.


Creating Payment Methods

If Linnworks can't retrieve a list of available payment methods from the channel, then they need to be created manually. You'll need to find out what the method is called on the channel.

When Linnworks downloads a new order, it stores all the data it receives from the channel in a format called XML. You can see this XML by right-clicking an open order and selecting View > View Order XML.

The XML will show the name of the payment method the buyer used, and a tag that the channel uses to identify the payment method:


 Use these details to create and map your payment method.


New orders downloaded to the system after the payment mapping is done will have the correct payment method assigned to them.