Price Change

Linnworks allows you to update prices on the sales channel. In order to trigger the price update:

  • The Price Change feature needs to be enabled for the channel in Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel Details > Inventory - Price Change. pricecange1
  • The channel needs to be enabled. Please Note! If Inventory Sync is disabled, Linnworks will still send the price to the channel.

How Price Change works

Price Change is designed to work with the channel-specific price that is defined for the item in the Listing Description tab.  pricecange1 v2

To add a new price manually, click the +Add New button:

  • Default: do not tick this option, it is used only for creating listing templates, and it has no effect on the price change feature.
  • Source: select the channel that you would like to send this price to.
  • Subsource: select the subsource that you would like to send this price to.
  • Price: define the price that you would like to send.

Click +Add and then Save item details. These prices are not saved on the stock item until the Save button on the Product Details window is clicked.

If you are planning to use different prices for different channels, please refer to this guide for additional information.

Updating prices in bulk

The price change can be done in bulk for multiple items with the inventory Inventory Import. Prepare a CSV file with at least the following columns:

  • SKU - Linnworks SKU
  • Channel Price - can be added for several channels, for example, eBay, Amazon and Magentopricechange3
  1. In, go to Settings > Import & Export Data > Import Data and click Import Now.
  2. Select Inventory Import Type and give the import a name, so that it can be recognised in the list. Alternatively, use the default name given by Linnworks. Click Next.
  3. Click the Local Template button and find the file on your computer. Linnworks will read the file and display the column mapping data below.
  4. Complete the column mapping. Map each channel price to Price by Channel column. This will create text boxes. pricechangebulk
    • for example, eBay price:
      • Select EBAY in the Source textbox.
      • Select your eBay subsource in the second textbox.
      • Select country suffix (explained below).
  5. Repeat this for any other channels if required. Click Run Now. The file will now be queued for import, which may take up to a minute to import. Once imported, prices will be seen in the Product Details menu, under the Listing Descriptions tab.

Price Change Statuses

Status Icon Description
  Save Required: The price won't be submitted until you save the changes you have made to the stock item
  Pending: The price is waiting to be submitted, or Linnworks is waiting for the channel to confirm that the submission was successful
  Success: The channel has confirmed that the price change was received successfully
  Error: An error caused the price sync to fail. For more information, check your Automation Logs
  No Change: The price has not changed, so no submission is required

Special Criteria

In general, all channels work in the same way for this functionality, but there are a few exceptions that are detailed below. 

Special cases


Amazon Pricing allows both a normal price and a sale price to be submitted. There are two ways that a price can be submitted

  • Main Price: add the channel Source and SubSource.
  • Sale Price: add additional Sale suffix.pricecange2

A Sale price cannot be submitted without the normal price, so both need to be specified.

It is also possible to offer Amazon Business Prices. For more information, please see this guide.


Automatic eBay Price Change only works where the country-specific code has been added as part of the SubSource in the Listing Price.

  • e.g. EBAY0_UK or EBAY0_FR
  • EBAY0 by itself will not work

When working with multiple eBay websites, the price for the appropriate subsource needs to be modified, e.g. in the example shown, France would be EBAY0_FR


For price change to function, the Linnworks Extension needs to be installed on your Magento store.


The price that is sent from Linnworks will only update the first price (from 1 to ...), if the item has more than one price set on Shopware, then other prices will remain as they are. 


Walmart Pricing allows a normal price and a promotional price to be submitted. There are two ways that a price can be submitted

  • Normal Price - specify the channel [Source] and [SubSource].
  • Normal Price and Promotional Prices  - promotional prices cannot be submitted on their own. Find more information on Rules and Guidelines for Walmart.

To add a Promotional Price to a stock item, please do the following:

  • Search for the item in My Inventory and click the SKU to open the Product Details window
  • Open Listing Descriptions and click Add New
  • Add the following information into the pop-up window:
    • Source: WALMART
    • SubSource: the channel name as it appears in the Channel Integration screen
    • Price: your reduce or clearance price for the item
    • Tag: this must be set to REDUCE/REDUCE_COMPARE or CLEARANCE or CLEARANCE_COMPARE. Leaving this tag blank will offer this SKU at the normal price
    • Click Add and Save the item.

Remember, the normal price needs to be added to your Linnworks stock items in order for promotional prices to work.


There are two prices that can be configured on a Woocommerce site; regular_price and sale_price. As part of a price change job, Linnworks will only update the regular_price. Please note: If a product has a sale_price defined on your Woocommerce store, the updated regular_price may not be displayed.


When manually changing prices as described above, these changes are submitted to the channel on an individual basis, so the actual update on the channel can potentially take place within 5 minutes depending on how quickly the channel reacts to the submission.

However, it would be more common to make price changes in bulk via Data Import and then have submit these changes to the channel. In this case, some channels allow Linnworks to push all the updates in a single submission, but for others, it is a requirement to break the submission down into several batches. The table below provides a breakdown of the batch size and submission progress.

Channel Batch Size Linnworks Process Time per Batch Linnworks Process Time for 20K update (approx)
Amazon 10,000 Up to 30 minutes 1 hour
Cdiscount 500 Up to 30 minutes 20 hours
eBay 250 Up to 30 minutes 40 hours
Etsy 500 Up to 30 minutes 20 hours
External 10,000 Up to 30 minutes 1 hour
Flubit 1,000 Up to 30 minutes 10 hours
Magento 100 Up to 30 minutes 100 hours
NewEgg 10,000 Up to 30 minutes 1 hour
Shopify 10,000 Up to 30 minutes 1 hour
Woocommerce 3,000 Up to 30 minutes 3.33 hours
3Dcart 1,000 Up to 30 minutes 10 hours
Walmart 1,000 Up to 4 hours 90 hours
Channel Update timing: It is not possible for us to provide an estimate for Channel Process Time per Batch to reflect the update on the channel as this process is controlled by each channel and is dependent on their server loads and system architecture