Shipping Mapping

You can configure Linnworks to match the selected channel shipping method to a postal service created in Linnworks. This ensures that Linnworks assigns the correct postal service methods to the downloaded orders so that automation rules can be run, and labels can be printed.

In order to set this up:

  • Linnworks postal services need to be created in the system.
  • Shipping mapping needs to be set up for each channel in Settings > Channel Integration > Shipping Allocation screen.


Mapping Shipping Methods

There are 2 ways to map shipping methods in Linnworks:

Shipping Mapping v3

addbutton If the channel allows Linnworks to view its shipping methods as part of the integration, then you can select a shipping method from a list. This is the preferred option.

createbutton If the channel does not allow Linnworks to obtain a list of its shipping methods, you will need to create a new channel shipping method, before you can map it.

deletebutton Use this button to delete an unwanted service. Select a service and click the Delete button > click Save.

Adding Shipping Methods

To add a new shipping mapping rule, in the Shipping Allocation screen, click +Add New and select the channel postal service you want to map, followed by the Linnworks postal service that you want to map it to.


Creating Shipping Methods

If Linnworks cannot retrieve a list of available postal services from the channel, then they need to be created manually. In the Shipping Allocation screen, click +Create New and type the correct postal service name and tag into the appropriate text fields. If you're having trouble finding the correct channel postal service name or tag, you can check the XML of an order that's downloaded from that channel.


New orders that will be downloaded to the system after the shipping mapping is done will have the correct shipping service assigned to them.