Expressions - Arithmetic

This page outlines the expressions that make use of arithmetic functions to calculate a desired result.

Absolute Value abs[p1] Where p1 can be converted to a double. Calculates the absolute value of a numeric parameter
Average avg[p1, ..., pn] Where p1,...,pn can be converted to doubles Calculates the average of a list of numbers. The list items must be able to convert to doubles
Between between[var, val1, val2] Where var, val1, and val2 are integers. If var >= val1 and var <= val2 then the function returns "true", otherwise, the function return "false". Indicates if a value is between the other values. Please note that the comparison is inclusive of val1 and val2
Maximum NumericMax[p1, ..., pn] Finds the maximum numeric value in a list
Median mid[p1, ..., pn] Where p1, ..., pn are numeric values. Calculates the median for a list of numbers
Minimum NumericMin[p1, ..., pn] Finds the numeric minimum value in a list
N2 N2[a] Returns numeric value, 2 decimal places. For example N2[100/3] returns 33.33
Round round[n, d] Where n is the numeric value to be rounded, and d is the number of decimal places. Rounds a numeric value to the number of decimal places
Sine Wave sin[a] Calculates the sine of a number where the number is in radians
Square Root sqrt[a] Where a is a positive numeric parameter. Calculates the positive square root of a number

Additional Types