Expressions - Operators

Operators are elements used to perform an action on one or more values to make up an expression. These are described in detail below.

Boolean Not not[a] Performs a boolean Not operator on the parameter a. For example, Not[true] = false
If-else-end iif[c, a, b] Where c is the condition and must evaluate to a Boolean. The value a is returned if c is true, otherwise, the value b is returned
Is all digits IsAllDigits[a] Returns true/false indicating if the parameter is all digits. For example, IsAllDigits["1234"] = true
Is Null or Empty IsNullOrEmpty[a] Indicates is the parameter is null or empty. Returns true/false
Is True or Null isTrueorNull[a] Indicates if the parameter has the value true or is null. Returns true/false
Is False or Null IsFalseOrNull[a] Indicates if the parameter has the value false or is null. Returns true/false

Additional Types