Extract Inventory

Extract Inventory is designed to help sellers with existing listings to retrieve the product data stored on active listings and bring this into Linnworks to create or update inventory items. With this tool, there is no need to export data from one platform so that it can be imported to Linnworks. It allows to simplify the process, save time and reduce the risk of human error through data manipulation.

The Extract Inventory is currently available for eBay and Amazon. It's functionality:

  • Creates new Linnworks inventory items in bulk directly from the listings on your integrated selling channel.
  • Updates already existing inventory in Linnworks with the data available on your listings.
Please Note! When creating Amazon templates via Extract Inventory there are two template options. When selecting the Catalogue Template option, the templates are tantamount to Amazon Catalog Listing and cannot be fully controlled via Linnworks. Catalog listing limitations include not allowing updates to titles, descriptions and images via Linnworks. Check more details about working with Catalog Listings here.

Accessing Extract Inventory

To access the Extract Inventory screen, go to Settings > Extract Inventory

Screen Layout

The layout of the Extract Inventory screen can be broken down into three following broad sections as detailed below:



The header bar at the top of the screen provides quick access to allow you to control which listings are displayed in the grid through a range of Filters and search options along with access to run the Download / Create / Update functions in bulk rather than on a per listings basis.

Filter : 

The Filter button is used to control the information that is displayed in the grid enabling you to only work with listings that are relevant. You can use several filters at a time. The options available via the filter are as follows:
  • Status Filters
    • All
    • Not downloaded
    • Downloaded
    • Created
    • In download queue
    • In create queue
    • In update queue
  • Error filters
    • All
    • With errors
    • Without errors
  • Templates
    • All
    • With templates
    • Without templates
  • Listing Type
    • All
    • Variation parents
    • Not variation parents

Channel : 

The dropdown list includes all channels integrated into Linnworks and support Extract Inventory. Selecting a channel in the dropdown list will update the grid with all the available listings based on the Filters that have been applied.

Sites : 

eBay support multiple sites for a single integration. Use this option to either display listings from all sites or narrow down to a specific site. For Amazon, this filter is not available.

Categories : 

eBay listings also can be divided into categories. Once listings have been downloaded this filter can be used to display only listings that are within a specific set of channel defined categories. For Amazon, this filter is not available.

Search : 

Use the Search functionality to find specific listings that you would like to create inventory items for. The search acts as a Partial Match on Item Number (Listing ID), SKU or Title.

Download : 

The Download button is used to retrieve the listing data from the channel such as description, images and additional properties in preparation for Linnworks item creation. Clicking this button will initiate the download process for all the selected listings in the grid. The system can periodically check for new listings and download these in the background if you have enabled the option Download full listings on your channel config. Therefore you may find this task has already been performed for you

Create : 

The Create button is used to insert a new stock item into the Linnworks inventory based on the data that has been downloaded from the channel

Update : 

The Update button is used to amend existing Linnworks stock item data by replacing it with the information that has been downloaded from the channel


The grid provides direct access to your live listings as well as control over which properties will be used when new Linnworks inventory items are created. The columns that are available are detailed below. For eBay and Amazon, some columns are different. Where appropriate the column header includes a Filter option allowing you to narrow down the results displayed within the current page.


The Stock Keeping Unit as provided by the channel to identify your product (Channel SKU). Linnworks uses this for mapping to existing inventory items and will be used when creating a new inventory item.


The title from the live listing on the channel when the data was last downloaded.


The date that Linnworks last retrieved the data for the listing via the download button.

Item Number (eBay only)

eBay listing identification, clicking on it will link you directly to the live listing. 

Site (eBay only)

Where a channel supports multiple sites through a single integration, the specific site Id will be displayed here.

P.Category (eBay only)

The primary category on the channel where the listing is advertised.

ASIN (Amazon only)

Amazon unique identifier that's assigned by Amazon is used for product-identification within Amazon organization. 


Clicking on the button in this cell opens up the Downloaded Item Details dialogue with the Details tab selected where you can review/edit the following properties which will be used when creating new Linnworks inventory or if required to update existing Linnworks inventory items. All data displayed here will have been retrieved when the Listing was Downloaded unless it has been manually edited and saved.
  • Item number: The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) as provided by the channel to identify your product. This cannot be edited.
  • Item Title: The title from the listing
  • Quantity: The quantity as advertised on the listing. This cannot be edited.
  • Purchase Price: By default, this value will be zero as listings do not know the price you purchase your stock for
  • Retail Price: The price as advertised on the listing.
  •  Metadata:
    • eBay: By default, this value will be empty as it is not possible to distinguish which part of the listing is specific to the inventory item.
    • Amazon: It is possible to retrieve a description from Amazon listing, however, for this to happen Download Full Listings should be enabled in the Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel Integration
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The number here represents how many images have been downloaded from the listing. Clicking on the button in this cell opens up the Downloaded Item Details dialogue with the Images tab selected allowing you to preview the images retrieved from the channel and to either add or delete images before Linnworks inventory item creation/update.


For Amazon, only the main image will be downloaded from the listing. Other images will be ignored.


The number here represents how many properties such as the eBay Item specifics or Amazon Product Information have been downloaded from the listing.

Clicking on the button in this cell opens up the Downloaded Item Details dialogue with the Extended Properties allowing you to review the values allowing you to add / edit / delete properties before Linnworks inventory item creation/update.

List. Desc.

Clicking the Edit icon in this cell opens up the Downloaded Item Details dialogue with the Listing Descriptions tab selected allowing you to review/define the Listing Price and title before Linnworks inventory item creation/deletion. 


The status of the checkbox is automatically controlled by Linnworks and is based on whether the live listing is already mapped to a Linnworks Listing Configurator / Template. Once a listing is mapped to a Configurator / Template it is possible to control aspects of the listing from within Linnworks either fully (eBay, Amazon listing template option) or partially (Amazon catalogue template option). Further details on the limitations are available here.


The contents of the final column will vary dependant on the status of the listing
  • Download: Use the Download button in this column to download all the available information for a selected listing to Linnworks in preparation for either new inventory item creation or existing inventory item update.
  • Create: Once listing data has been downloaded, use the Create button to create a new Linnworks inventory item
  • Update: With an already linked listing use the Update button to add/modify the existing item with data retrieved from the listing


The status section provides feedback on progress for the tasks that are running in the background for Extract Inventory following actions that have been triggered within the screen. The status fields that are displayed are detailed below.

Not downloaded: The number of Listings on the channel that has not yet been downloaded to Linnworks
Downloaded: The number of Listings on the channel that has been downloaded to Linnworks and therefore can be used to either create or update inventory items
Created: The number of new inventory items that have been created in Linnworks from the downloaded listing data
In download queue: The number of listings that are currently in the process of retrieving listing data
In create queue: The number of listings that are currently in the task of having new inventory items created
In update queue:: The number of listings that are currently in the task of update existing inventory items with downloaded listing data