Extract Inventory - Create

This guide will explain how to create Linnworks inventory items from the retrieved product data stored on live listings.

Create Listings

Create is the act of using the downloaded listing data to create new Linnworks inventory items. This can be achieved on an individual SKU base or in bulk on a selected set of SKU's for the current channel.

To create an individual listing


  1.  Find the listing that you wish to use to create a new Linnworks inventory item from.
  2. Check the details that will be used prior to item creation by clicking on any of the Details / Images / Properties buttons for the selected item. This will display a screen similar to the My Inventory Edit Item screen allow you to update the values that have been retrieved due to the download process and save the changes internally to Linnworks. This will not affect the live listing.
  3. Once any required changes have been made click the Save button.
  4. Click the Create button to start generating a new Linnworks Inventory item.

At this point, you will be asked to confirm which data is required to be used including the livestock level and if you would like the listing and the item to be automatically linked. Tick the required options.


Details - include Quantity, Price and Metadata from the Details tab.

  • For eBay listings, the Metadata field will be empty.
  • For Amazon listings, if a description is present on the listing then it can be downloaded.

Weight and package dimensions - add weight and package dimensions to the items you are creating.

Images - save the selected images. NB! For Amazon, only the main image will be downloaded from the listing. Other images will be ignored due to Amazon API limitations.
Extended Properties - save the Item Specifics as Extended Properties.

Product identifiers - add product identifiers to items you are creating.
Link items - link your listings to Linnworks SKU(s). This will allow Linnworks to update Stock Level and Link Order Items:

  • Listing price and title - add listing price and title to items you are creating:
    • Extract from: select wherefrom these details should be taken.

Stock Level - use the quantity provided to add a stock to the selected location.
Categories - select the Linnworks category associated with the item.
Listing template - tick this box to select a configurator to create and save the listing template for the item.

Amazon additional options:
  • Select the type of listing template to be created:
    • Catalog template - behaves like an Amazon Catalog listing. Titles, descriptions and images cannot be updated on the listing.
    • Listing template - all details that can be extracted and added to the template can also be edited on the listing later on.
  • Add browse node to configurator - Linnworks will fetch browse nodes from your Amazon listing and add them to the selected configurator.
  • Add attributes to configurator - Item specifications that do not exist in the configurator will be added and mapped to the respective extended property.
Please note the below limitations:
  • Categories - the Category on the listing and the selected Configurator must match for the browse node and attributes to be added to the Configurator. Otherwise, no attributes or browse nodes are added.
  • Variation listings: the Variation theme on the listing and the selected Configurator must match - otherwise the template will not be created.
eBay additional options:
  • Add Categories to configurator - Categories that do not exist in configurator will be added to available categories. If the extended property for the category hasn't been set it will be selected.
  • Add item Specifics to configurator - Item specifications that do not exist in configurator will be added to the configurator and mapped to the extended property.

Click Create to perform the final action and add a new product to your Linnworks Inventory.

The create job will be immediately queued and the status at the bottom of the screen will be updated.


To create listings in bulk - selected listings

The only difference between individual and Bulk is the number of listings that have been selected for creation.

  1. Select multiple listings either by using the standard windows functionality of Ctrl + Click or Shift + Click.
  2. Click Create to perform the final action and add a new product to your Linnworks Inventory.

The length of time download all of the listing data will depend on the number of listings that have been selected.

To create listings in bulk - all listings

To create inventory for all your listings on all the pages at once press the Gear button > All filtered > Create.

If you use this option when you have different statuses of listings, for example, some listings are not downloaded yet, and some are created, Linnworks will create listings for downloaded listings only:

etool6 v2

If you deselect this option, in this case not downloaded listings will start to download and downloaded listings will go to create queue: