Channel Items with channel Locations

The Channel Items with channel Locations export returns a list of SKUs and properties that map to this stock item from different channels with multiple channel locations.


Table of Contents

Please note! This export works only for channels that support multi-locations, e.g. Shopify. Otherwise, please use regular Channel Items export.

Available Columns

The available columns below have been grouped by similar fields for convenience. They may appear in a different order when exported. The order can be changed on the Column Mapping screen of the export configurations. For more information on this, please see our Column Mapping documentation.


Key Description
Filter This field supports filtering
Additional Additional fields are recommended to be included with the field to improve the integrity of the exported data

Columns - SKU Details

Key Column Description Additional fields
  SKU The SKU / Item number for the Linnworks inventory item.  
  Channel Title The channel listing title.  
  Channel Reference ID The ID provided by the channel to uniquely identify the product.  
Filter  Channel Location Name  A user-defined name for the warehouse that was set on the channel is added to Linnworks.  
  Channel Location Identifier The internal name used by the channel to recognise the warehouse.   
Filter  Source The Linnworks Source for the sales channel, eg SHOPIFY.  
Filter  Subsource The Linnworks SubSource for the integrated Channel that you wish to set up mapping for.  
  Linked SKU Custom Label The SKU / Item number that is used to uniquely identify the product for the selected Source / Subsource combinations.  
  Linnworks Title The title for the Linnworks inventory item (found on the General tab).  
  Stock Percentage Shows value that specifies a percentage of the currently available stock level sent to the sales channel. This value will override the value defined at a global level by the specific channel config. More details on Stock Percentage can be found here.  
  Max Listed Quantity Shows value that specifies the maximum level that will be sent to the channel and will override the value defined at a global level by the specific channel config. More details on Max Listed can be found here   
  End When Stock Shows the value that is set to instruct Linnworks to end the listing when the available drops to this value. More details on this feature can be found here  
  Ignore Sync Specifies True or False for the Ignore Sync if it is enabled in the Inventory Mapping screen. If this option is enabled Linnworks will ignore the listing when synchronising inventory and will not send a revised stock level to the listing if the available quantity in Linnworks changes.  

Additional Columns

Additional columns are used to export extra parameters that rely on linking to further parameters stored with the inventory, such as Extended Properties, Channel Pricing or Bin Rack Locations. More details on the additional columns available can be found here.