Stock Level Export

The Stock Levels Export allows you to export information relating to the level and location of your inventory items (both batched and unbatched). This export can include batch data such as Sell by and Expiry date allowing you to retrieve reports on items that you need to promote ensuring you have the best chance to sell them.

Table of Contents

Available Columns

The available columns below have been grouped by similar fields for convenience. They may appear in a different order when exported. The order can be changed on the Column Mapping screen of the export configurations. For more information on this, please see our Column Mapping documentation.


Key Description
Filter This field supports filtering
Additional Additional fields are recommended to be included with field to improve the integrity of the exported data

Columns - SKU Details

Key Column Description Additional fields
  SKU The SKU / Item number for the Linnworks inventory item  
  Title The title for the Linnworks inventory item (found on the General tab)  
Filter Is Composite Parent Will export as TRUE or FALSE dependent on if the SKU is a Composite parent or not  
  Batch Number Unique Batch ID assigned to the SKU   
  Bin/Rack The identifier for the physical location(s) in the warehouse used to store the inventory item  
Filter Batch Status

The current status for the SKU / Batch

Filter Batch Sell By The date by which the Batch should be sold. Click here for more information on how to filter dates  
Filter Batch Expires On  The date on which the Batch Expires and can not be sold / despatched. Click here for more information on how to filter dates  
  Batch Priority Sequence The number that refers to the priority set to the item. Used when Batch Type has been set to "Ordered by priority sequence" for the inventory item  
  Batch assigned to Orders The number of items within the batch that have been assigned to orders  

Columns - Location Details

Key Column Description Additional fields
Filter Location (Stock Location) The name of the Linnworks location, used for stock levels and values  
Additional In Order Book (Stock in order book at location)  Stock quantity in Open Orders Stock Location
Additional Quantity (Stock level at location) Stock level including stock assigned to Open Orders Stock Location
Additional Stock Value (Stock value at location) This is the stock value in your default currency at this location, based on amount of stock in this location and purchase price Stock Location