Data Export - File Location (DropBox)

Setting up a drop box account and selecting a location to save a file generated using Linnworks Data Export

Adding a Dropbox account

If the required Dropbox account is not already integrated use the following steps to add it to your Linnworks Account

  1. Click on the pen icon to the right of the Account selection box
  2. Click Add new
  3. Enter a unique recognisable name to quickly identify the account and click Integrate
  4. You will be redirected to Dropbox
  5. Sign in to authorise Linnworks to access you drop box account
  6. On returning to Linnworks you can click the Test button to confirm the account is linked

  Dropbox settings configuration

  • Method
    • This will be set to Dropbox as the selected method for File Location
  • Account
    • Use the drop down list to select which integrated Dropbox account is to be used for this Data Import
  • File path
    • The folder structure on the Dropbox account where the export file will be located. Leading and trailing '/' characters are not required. This box will be populated automatically if the search box for file selection is used
  • File name
    • The name (including file extension) of the export file
    • The search box (Magnifying glass) can be used to browse your drop box and select the file
    • File names can be made dynamic, such as adding the time the export ran to the file name, by using tags when the file name is specified. More information can be found here
  • File address
    • This is auto-populated based on the Account / File path / File name settings
  • If file exists
    • Overwrite - Any data in the original file will be lost and overwritten with a new file
    • Append - The data in original file (if it exists) will be maintained and new data will be added to the end of the existing file