How to add or update Supplier Details for Linnworks SKUs in Bulk


I have one supplier that stocks many of my stock items. How can I add these in bulk?


All aspects of supplier data import can be done using an Inventory Import. For more information about importing a file from your computer, please see this KB article.

Prepare a CSV file with the following columns:

SKUSupplier NameDefault SupplierSupplier CodeSupplier BarcodeLeads Time DaysSupplier Min Order QtySupplier Pack SizeSupplier Purchase Price
SHOE1 Jimmy2Shoes Yes 41MILANB 834735684561 28 5 1 35
LW-001 The Dice Shop Yes RPGD-Blue 9786675234 5 1 100 62

For all supplier related data imports, the import requires at least the Linnworks SKU and the Supplier Name. All other columns can be added if required. A description of each column is available here.

If the column names in the CSV file are identical to those in the table above, the column mapping will be automatic. Once the column mapping has been completed, run the import by clicking  Run Now


This will add or update supplier info to your Linnworks stock items. If you wish to regularly update your prices using the supplier code, please see this KB article

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