How to Export eBay BIN and Accept/Decline Prices in Bulk


I want to export all my current BIN prices as well as any Accept/Decline pricing I have added to the listing.


  • First create an Inventory Export by following the first 4 steps on this guide
  • Map any columns you require on the main mapping screen, such as SKU and Item Title by clicking the tickbox on the left of the column name
  • Click Additional Columns and select Channel Pricing
  • In the new window:
    • Name the column BIN Price
    • Select EBAY from the Source dropdown Menu
    • Select the SubSource you wish to export prices from
    • Select NONE from the Tag dropdown menu
    • Click Save
  • Repeat the above process twice more with the following changes
    • Name the column Accept Price and select the tag ACCEPT
    • Name the column Decline Price and select the tag DECLINE
  • Click Run Now

Linnworks will export all inventory items. If they do not have a listing price, the additional columns will be blank.


The file will be queued on the Linnworks servers and will be exported shortly after.

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