How to import Composites


I want to create composite items in bulk from my existing Linnworks SKUs.


This can be done using a Stock Item Composition import. Create a CSV file that includes the following columns:

Parent SKUChild SKUQuantity
GardenSet-6Chairs GardenTable 1
GardenSet-6Chairs GardenChair 6
GardenSet-4Chairs GardenTable 1
GardenSet-4Chairs GardenChair 4
GardenSet-2Chairs GardenTable 1
GardenSet-2Chairs GardenChair 2
GardenSet-2Chairs-Umbrella GardenChair 2
GardenSet-2Chairs-Umbrella GardenTable 1
GardenSet-2Chairs-Umbrella GardenUmbrella 1

The example given above creates 4 composites based around a garden table and a varying amount of chairs and one with 2 chairs and an umbrella.

  • Create a data import with a type of: Stock Item Composition
  • Select the import file and proceed to the column mapping screen
  • If your column names match those given in the example above, the columns will auto-map
  • Click  Run Now

Please Note! All SKUs, including the parent SKU, need to exist in Linnworks before importing the composition.

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