How to import Extended Item Properties


I have a number of extended properties for my stock items that I wish to import in bulk. How do I do this?


This can be done using an Inventory Import. Create a CSV file that includes at least a column for SKU and all the appropriate extended properties. In the example below, the following table will be imported:

SKU Brand Colour Size Material Fastening Style
SHOE1 Jimmy2s Black 41 Leather Laces Milan
SHOE2 Jimmy2s Black 42 Leather Laces Milan
SHOE3 Jimmy2s Brown 41 Leather Slip On Paris
  • Import the file as an Inventory import and proceed to the column mapping screen
  • Map each extended property to Item Extended Property
    • The default name of the extended property is taken as the column header
    • Each extended property defaults to being of type: Attribute
    • Most extended properties will be attributes, but other property types are described here
  • When all columns have been mapped, click  Run Now

Further Reading

For information on creating/using extended properties please see this guide.