How to import Variations


I have a number of items that are variations. How can I create Variation Groups in bulk?


Variation groups can be imported in bulk as an Inventory Import. This KB will assume that the stock items have already been created, but if not, exta columns can be added to the CSV file to add more details to new SKUs. Prepare a CSV file with at least the following columns:

SKUIs Variation GroupVariationSKUVariation Group Name
VallejoModelCGroup Yes VallejoModelCGroup Vallejo Game Color Paints (17ml)
VGC001 No VallejoModelCGroup  
VGC002 No VallejoModelCGroup  
VGC003 No VallejoModelCGroup  

In the above example, the intention is to create a VariationSKU and add 3 SKUs to the variation group. Only the first line, where the group is created, needs to specify the variation group name. Please note that the SKU and Variation SKU, in the first line, needs to match in order for the variation SKU to be created.

  • Create an Inventory Import and proceed to the column mapping screen
  • If the file columns match those above, they will be automatically mapped
  • Click  Run Now

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