How to import a channel specific price, title and description


I want to have different details on my listings when I list to different channels


Linnworks allows you to manage listing titles and descriptions on a per channel basis. These can be imported using an Inventory Import. It is not necessary to have a different title, description and price, for instance if you just want a different price, only import the price by channel. In this example, we will import all 3 for eBay and Amazon.

  • Prepare a CSV file with at least the following columns:
    • SKU
    • channel Title
    • channel Description
    • channel Price
    • Add these columns for each channel you want to have specific details for
    • In this example we import details for eBay and Amazon
  • Setup the import using this guide up to the column mapping screen
  • SKU will map automatically if the file header is called SKU, if it is called something different then map it manually
  • Map eBay Title to: Title by Channel
    • This will create 2 new text boxes
    • Enter EBAY in the Source textbox
    • Enter your SubSource in the second textbox, in this example, it is EBAY0
  • Map eBay Description to Description by Channel
    • This will create textboxes identical to the previous step
  • Map eBay Price to Price by Channel
    • This will create textboxes identical to the previous step
  • Repeat this for any other channels, in this case; Amazon
  • Map any other columns as appropriate
  • Click  Run Now
  • Imported titles, descriptions and prices can be seen in the Product Details menu, under the Listing Descriptions tab

The file will now be queued for import, which may take up to a minute to import  

Note: eBay Motors is it's own subsource, as such title, pricing and descriptions should be imported specific to it eg: EBAY0_EBAYMOTORS

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