How to schedule an import for every 15 minutes


I import orders via CSV and want them to be more regularly imported than every hour.


This is achievable by adding more lines to the schedule. In order to do this, please do the following:

  • Create a new import and complete all steps up to the schedule screen
  • Click  New Schedule
  • Fill in the schedule to occur every hour
    • Name: This is just a name to identify which schedule this will be
    • Schedule Type: Set this to Recurring
    • Occurs: Set this to Daily
    • Starting On: Leave this as default, as it will set the schedule to start from when the config is saved
    • Recurs Every: Set this to 1
    • Daily Frequency: Set this to Occurs Every 1 Hours
    • Starting/Ending: Set this to 00:00 and 23:59 respectively
  • Click  Save
  • Repeat the previous step 3 more times with the following starting and ending times:
Schedule NameStart TimeEnd Time
On the Hour 00:00 23:59
Quarter Past 00:15 23:59
Half Past 00:30 23:59
Quarter To 00:45 23:59
  • When all the schedules have been entered, click  Save
    • Once the config has been saved, the import will trigger on schedule
    • It can be triggered manually by finding the appropariate import on the main data import screen and clicking  Run Now

Please Note! The file will only be imported if it has changed from the last time the import ran. If the file has not changed, the log will show in the Skipped column  .

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