Data Import - File Location (HTTP)

Setting Data Import to select a file from an HTTP (web URL) location

  HTTP settings configuration

  • Method
    • This will be set to HTTP as the selected method for File Location
  • URL
    • The full path to where the file is located
    • eg:
  • Encoding
    • Use the drop-down list to select the format that was used when the file was saved and uploaded
      • Default
      • ASCII
      • UTF7
      • UTF32
      • Unicode
      • BigEndianUnicode
      • ANSI (Windows-1252)

Download from Dropbox

Whilst we would recommend using our Dropbox integration, it is possible to just use a web link to download the file directly using a web as described here

Retrieve link from local Pc

  1. Using windows explorer browse to your local Dropbox folder
  2. Find the file you wish to make available
  3. Right-click on the file and select Copy Dropbox link from the pop-up menu
  4. Paste this link into the URL field as described above

Download from Google Drive

To be able to retrieve files in CSV format from your Google drive you need to publish them to the web in this format

  1. Open Google drive in your browser
  2. Browse to the Google sheet you wish to make available
  3. Open the document
  4. Select File > Publish to the web
  5. Select only the required Sheet
  6. Set the format to Comma-separated values (.csv)
  7. In the section Published content & settings ensure you have the option Automatically republish when changes are made ticked
  8. Click the Publish button
  9. Click the OK button to confirm you wish to publish the document to the web
  10. Copy the link provided and paste into the URL as described above