Import Now

Overview supports two types of data import; import now and add new. The main differences are that add new relies on the import data being available on an accessible system, such as an FTP server or through Dropbox. Whereas, using Import Now will allow you to upload a file directly from your computer.

Differences in Import File Locations

There are several key differences between using the Add Scheduled Import import and the Import Now type imports

  • Add Scheduled Import allows for a schedule to be set for imports
  • As Add Scheduled Import will have constant access to the import file, the column mapping is saved for this type of import
  • Import Now allows you to upload files directly from your computer, without using Dropbox
  • It is still possible to use the Import Now feature to specify a remote file location
    • The file must be located at a publicly available location

Uploading Files

When using the import now function, there are two methods to upload your data:

  • Choose Template: This allows you to upload a file from your computer
  • Upload from URL: This allows you to specify a remote location for the data import file

Choose Template

Clicking Choose Template will open a file explorer window where a data file can be selected from your computer . Please note that only CSV files can be imported.

Upload from URL

In order to upload using this option, please do the following:

  • Click the  icon
  • Click Upload from URL
  • Enter the URL in the new window