Fulfilment Centre Orders Import

This import is specifically used for fulfilment centres and can only be created using FC Automation functionality. However, it can be configured and deleted from the Import Data screen. It is used to import the status of orders that have been assigned to a fulfilment centre.

Table of Contents

Available Columns


Key Description
Compulsory This field is a compulsory requirement for the import. The data must exist as a column in the CSV and be mapped to the named field.
Additional This field relies on dependent data that is a compulsory requirement for the import. If this field is included in the import then the dependent fields must also be mapped.
Forbidden When the field is included in the import, the additional named field(s) are not permitted to be mapped and included in the import. Inclusion of both fields in the same import will prevent the import from executing.


Key Column Name Column Description Dependent Fields
Compulsory Status This is the status of the order and can be one of the following:
  • SHIPPED: Confirm Order has been shipped. This status will instruct Linnworks to Process the order, moving it from Open Orders to Processed. The channel will be notified if despatch notifications are enabled
  • COMPLETE: Performs the same function as SHIPPED
  • CANCELLED: Cancel the order. Once the order is moved to the Fulfilment Center (exported), the only way to move it out of the Fulfilment Center is to update its status to CANCELLED. Once this has occurred the order can be shipped from another Fulfilment Center, or dispatched locally as required
  • ERROR: Set an error message against the Order. The text of the error message will be taken from Fulfilment Center Error column in the file
  Shipping Service The name of the service used by the Fulfilment partner  
  Tracking Number The Tracking Number provided when the order was shipped by the Fulfilment partner, if relevant. not all items will be shipped by a tracked method  
Compulsory Order Id The Linnworks Order ID that matches the Order ID when the order was assigned to the fulfilment centre  
Additional Fulfilment Centre Error This is a text string giving details errors with processing the order by the fulfilment centre 'Status'

Fulfilment Centre Errors

Orders that are marked as ERROR have the given error message added to the Order Audit Trail. As the order is assigned to a fulfilment centre you will first have to change the location for your open orders screen by clicking the icon, selecting Fulfilment centre and then selecting the location that the order was assigned to. Please remember to repeat this process when you have finished viewing the order to return to your default location, otherwise, you will not see new orders that are downloaded into Linnworks.