Product Identifiers Import

This guide is a walkthrough of the steps involved in adding product identifiers to a SKU in bulk. As a seller, you are required to provide this information for each product listing when selling on eBay, Amazon and Google. Linnworks allows storing all product identifiers which can then be used to create listings. More details about Product Identifiers can be checked in our blog.  

Available Columns


Key Description
Compulsory This field is a compulsory requirement for import. The data must exist as a column in the CSV and be mapped to the named field.
Additional This field relies on dependent data that is a compulsory requirement for the import. If this field is included in the import then the dependent fields must also be mapped.
Forbidden When the field is included in the import, the additional named field(s) are not permitted to be mapped and included in the import. The inclusion of both fields in the same import will prevent the import from executing.


Key Column Description Dependent fields
Compulsory SKU Unique identifier of the Linnworks inventory item that requires product identifier  
Compulsory Identifier Type Valid types are - EAN, MPN, GTIN, UPC, ASIN, ISBN, Google, CustomID, PZN, GCID, ePID  
Compulsory Identifier Value Barcode  
Compulsory Site You may specify site only for ePID identifiers. Valid sites are - US, Canada, UK, Australia