Stock Level - Batch

Whilst it is possible to update stock level for batches manually in the Inventory Item screen, it may be more convenient to update them with the specific Stock Level import for batches. This import routine lets you import stock levels for newly created inventory items or overwrite the existing stock level for items that are using the batching feature.

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Available Columns

NB! The Stock Level - Batch import will only work with items that are already set as batched. Please see here for details on how to set your items as batched before using this import.


Key Description
Compulsory This field is a compulsory requirement for the import. The data must exist as a column in the CSV and be mapped to the named field.
Additional This field relies on dependent data that is a compulsory requirement for the import. If this field is included in the import then the dependent fields must also be mapped.
Forbidden When the field is included in the import, the additional named field(s) are not permitted to be mapped and included in the import. The inclusion of both fields in the same import will prevent the import from executing.


Key Column Description Dependent fields Forbidden fields
Compulsory SKU The unique identifier used in Linnworks to identify the product    
Compulsory Batch Number The identification number assigned to a batch of items    
Compulsory Location The name of the Linnworks location that is to be used record the stock level    
Compulsory Bin / Rack The slot position on the shelf where the item is located and would be used when picking items for orders or booking stock in    
Compulsory Status Available, Restricted, Damaged or Expired, based on Sell by and Expires On dates    
Compulsory Level Is the quantity/ Stock level for this particular batch. If a Negative number is supplied in the import file the actual level in Linnworks will be set to zero  Batch Number  
CompulsoryForbidden Priority Sequence From the Lowest to highest, the order in which this batch will be sold  Batch Number  Sell By / Expires On
CompulsoryForbidden Sell By Sell By date for the Batch Number you are updating  Batch Number / Expires ON Priority Sequence
CompulsoryForbidden Expires ON Expires On date for the Batch Number you are updating   Batch Number / Sell By Priority Sequence
Additional Stock Value This is the stock value for the inventory being imported. Please note that this will overwrite the current stock value for this batch in this location  Batch Number  

Please Note! When using this Import remember that a batched item can be only one type of Batch: Sell By or Priority, therefore for the same Batch Number we must provide Sell By / Expires ON dates OR Priority Sequence. Also remember that if Sell By has been mapped for a batch No, Expires On must be provided as well and the sell by date must be prior to the expiry date.

Example Files