Data Import - Schedules

Linnworks offers two types of schedules, 'One time' and 'Recurring' to regulate how often an import automatically runs. This guides covers the differences of the two types and how to set them up.

Table of Contents

Adding a new schedule

Schedule is one of the steps in either setting up a new Data Import or modifying the configuration of an existing Data Import. To add a new schedule use the following steps

  1. Click the + New Schedule button for the selected Data Import
  2. Enter a unique Name to easily identify the schedule, eg 'Hourly' or 'Half Past the Hour' or 'Update Price'
  3. Select a Schedule Type

  One time configuration

A one time import requires the setting of a date (in the future) at which point the import will be scheduled to run. Please note that all dates and times for schedules are in UTC

  1. Click on the calendar icon to set when the import will run
    • Select a day for the import to be executed
    • Set the time of day the import will be executed
    • Click Apply
  2. A Summary will be displayed showing when the import will be executed
  3. Click Save


A recurring import can be scheduled to be either daily or weekly and in the same way as a One-time import, starts with setting a date on which the schedule will start.


  1. Select the required frequency for the import Daily or Weekly from the drop down list
  2. Set the starting Date/Time for the the first execution of the import using the  calendar button, by default this will be set to the time the schedule was created
  3. Set the Frequency interval
    • Daily - a whole number defining how many days between each execution
    • Weekly - a whole number defining how many weeks between each execution
      • You will also be required to define which days of the week the schedule should be executed on

Daily frequency

The Daily frequency defines how often during the day the import is scheduled to be executed
  1. Occurs once at
    • Use this option to set the schedule to only be executed once during the day
    • Set the Time by clicking on the calendar button
  2. Occurs every
  • Use this option to set the schedule to be executed multiple times during the day
  • Set the number of hours between execution
  • Set the Starting time by clicking on the calendar button
  • Set the Ending time by clicking on the calendar button


After the schedule has been fully defined click the Save button to add the schedule to the Data Import
  1. The new schedule is displayed in the list of schedules for the import
  2. Choose to Enable / Disable a schedule by clicking on the slider in the Enabled column
  3. Click the Save button