In the Countries window, you can manage the list of the countries that you work with, specifically add new countries, edit zones, currencies, codes and tax rates.
General Settings Country List

There are 2 possible methods to access the Countries screen:

  1. Go to Settings > General Settings >  General tab and click Manage Countries button.
  2. Go to Settings > Countries. 

Screen Overview


  •  Add New: use this option to add a new Country to your Country List in Linnworks
  •  Delete: use this option to delete the highlighted Country

Grid View

Column Name Description
Name This column will show the name of the existing countries in your
Zone This column shows the different geographical regions where the countries are located.

This column will show the currency used in the selected country. There are internationally recognised ISO currency codes defined by ISO 4217:2008 that you can find in more detail here.

ISO Code This column shows the specific ISO Code for the country. Details on the standards for all the internationally recognised country codes can be found here.
Tax Rate

Where a channel supports the option Use Channel Tax such as Etsy and when it is enabled the tax rates provided by the channel will be used and Linnworks tax rate settings will be ignored.

This column displays the tax rate that will be used for the downloaded orders from a sales channel.

Tax rates will be always applied using the following specific order of preference.

  • When Country Specific Tax IS NOT enabled on the linked stock item
    • The item specific tax rate from the stock item will be applied to the order item.
  • When Country Specific Tax IS enabled on the linked stock item
    • Region tax Rate will be applied where the Order Country and Region match settings from the Countries table.
    • The country tax rate will be applied where the Order Country matches settings from the Countries table.
    • If no matching Country is found, the Country tax that is defined by My Country in Settings > General Settings will be applied.
Address Format

This column will show the format shipping address for this country. Many countries have their own way of formatting an address to assist with deliverability (examples of how to address can be found here). With this column, you can ensure that your addresses conform to the postal regulations and will be processed as quickly as possible by the respective postal service provider.

Customs Form Required

This column will show if the сountry has a unique business form designed for international trade. This form is required by the сustoms agencies of the exporting and importing countries. When this option is ticked Linnworks will display a warning window 'Customs Form Required' when processing an order.

Regions This column will indicate how many regions are set for the existing country in your For more details about how to manage regions click here.

Adding a new country to the list

  1. Go to Countries screen and click the Add New button. 
  2. In the Add New Country window enter the Country name and ISO Code of the new country, all other details are optional.
  3. Click Save the changes and return to the General Settings menu.

Editing an Existing Country

Locate the сountry you want to edit, left-clicking the field you wish to change and type to replace the highlighted text. Alternatively, click again on the text to be able to type additional information or delete only part of the text.

Next Steps