Manage Regions

The Regions window provides users with the ability to set up Regions that a country is divided into. Each region can have a region code and can also include a list of alternative names/abbreviations that can be provided by sales channels so that Linnworks can automatically use the mapping to update the downloaded order to use the correct Region Name or Code.

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  •  Add New: Use this option to add a new Region to your Country 
  •  Delete: Use this option to delete the highlighted Region

Grid View

Column Name Description
Region Name  This column will show the name of the Regions for this particular Country. You will find that only the United States has regions added by Default.

Region Code

This column shows the specific ISO Code for this Region. 
Tax Rate

Where a Channel supports the option "Use Channel Tax" such as Etsy and when it is enabled the tax rates provided by the channel will be used and Linnworks tax rate settings will be ignored.

This column displays the Tax Rate used for this selected Region. The value of this field will be used to set the tax for either a downloaded order or a direct with the defined Region Name.

Tax rates will be always applied using the following specific order of preference.

  • When Country Specific Tax IS NOT enabled on the linked stock item
    • The item specific tax rate from the stock item will be applied to the order item.
  • When Country Specific Tax IS enabled on the linked stock item.
    • Region tax Rate will be applied where the Order Country and Region match settings from the Countries table.
    • Country tax rate will be applied where the Order Country matches settings from the Countries table.
    • If no matching Country is found, the Country tax that is defined by Registration Country in Settings > General Settings will be applied.
Use Country Tax Rate

By enabling this option, the Region Tax rate will be overridden with the Country Tax Rate and set the Region Tax Rate to zero. Leaving the option unticked, the set Region Tax Rate will be applied.

Replace With

This column is a drop-down list where you can choose among None, Name and Code. 

  • None: Will be set by default. Therefore no changes will be applied and Address Details will stay as supplied by the sales channel.
  • Name: When this option has selected the value from the Region Name field will be used for the region in the downloaded order.
  • Code: When this option has selected the value from the Region Code field will be used for the region in the downloaded.
Region Mapping

This column will be used to include additional valid tags for this Region. These tags are then used when Replace With is set to either Name or Code

Adding a new Region 

  1. Locate the country you want to add a region.
  2. Clicking on the Regions button you will be able to add a new region to the country.
  3. A new popup window will be displayed. Click on Add New
    • Enter the Region NameCode and Tax Rate.
    • Choose one of the options for Replace with: None, Name or Code.
    • Click Save to continue and return to Regions.
  4. Add any valid Regions tags to map with. To do so, click on the button Region Mapping.

You can edit information here at any time.

Example use of Region Mapping


I have orders coming into Linnworks with the Region set to Calif which I want to automatically set to California as this is the correct Region / State name


  1. Locate the United States in the Countries List
  2. Click on the Regions button
  3. Locate California in the list of Region Names
  4. Set Replace With to Name
  5. Click the Region Mapping button
  6. Enter Calif to the Region Mapping Tag list
  7. Click Save to save changes to the Region Mapping Tag list
  8. Click Save to save changes to the Region Mapping