Manage Currencies

The Manage Currencies window allows you to select which currencies with current existing exchange rates Linnworks will use in the Product Sales grid and when working with international Purchase Orders.

To access the currencies list, go to Settings > General Settings and click the Manage Currencies button in the Default Settings tab:

general currencies 1

Working with currency list

Linnworks can automatically update your currency rate on a daily basis. You can add new currency to the list with the Add New button. In the new window, click the blank line at the top of the currency list, select the new currency ISO code in the Currency column by left-clicking the empty area. The Conversion rate column will be filled automatically. Click Save to keep the changes.

general currencies 4


general currencies 2  toggle to enable. Once enabled, Linnworks will update your currency from your base currency to a different currency on a daily basis.

add new button click to add a new currency to the list of the currencies you work with.

delete button select the currency you wish to delete and click this button.

general currencies 3  click to refresh the currency rate and receive the latest data.

audit log button  click to see the Audit Log of changes for each currency that you have in your list.

Audit Log

Linnworks keeps a log of changes for the currency rate. If you receive an order on a certain day in a currency different from your base currency, the system will apply the conversion rate of that specific time for reporting purposes.

general currencies 5

Please see this video for a detailed explanation: