Linnworks Mobile

This section controls some settings related to the use of the following Linnworks Mobile modules:

Generalsettings mobile

Stock Count

  • Force item scan: if ticked, each item you are counting would have to be scanned individually.
  • Show expected quantity: if ticked, users will see the expected number of the item for the SKU in that binrack. lwmobilesettings

Stock In

  • Allow overbooking of PO: if ticked, the number of items that are higher than specified in the PO can be stocked in.
  • Force item scan: if ticked, each item you are booking in would have to be scanned individually.


  • Directional pickwaves: the Directional Pickwaves setting allows you to set up a pickwave to display a single step for the picker to complete when picking items in your warehouse. This way items will be logged as picked one by one depending on the Pickwave grouping type selected. This helps to reassure none of the items is missed when picking.
  • Force bin rack scan (WMS locations only): when enabled, this setting instructs a picker to scan a bin rack before picking an item. This setting is applicable for WMS locations only to make sure every stock movement is logged in the system.
  • Force item scan: when enabled, this setting instructs a picker to scan SKU or item's barcode to mark it as picked, instead of entering the quantity or marking the entire step as picked.
  • Group composites: this setting is specific for pickwaves grouped by Items. When enabled, single items from the composites will be grouped together and presented to be picked by the composite parent item. Use this setting to pick single item composites, for example, a pack of 10 glasses. With this setting, you can scan a parent item identifier instead of scanning all 10 glasses individually when picking items for orders.
  • Show next only: when enabled, this setting will present a picker only one item to pick per step. With the grouping by Items, a picker will be presented with a separate step to complete for each item in the same bin rack until all items are picked. The same applies to multi-item orders with the grouping by Orders: a picker will need to complete separate steps to pick all items for one order.
  • Force tote scan: when enabled, a tote must be selected before items can be picked.
    • Note! This setting works together with the Directional pickwaves setting enabledMore details on TOTEs here.
  • Force tray scan: when enabled, a tray must be scanned or selected before items can be picked. Requires Directional pickwaves, Force tote scan, and Show next only to be enabled.
  • Tray scan control: sets restriction for tray scanning. Once enabled, select one of the options below:
    • Unrestricted: no tray control. You can place items in any trays you want.
    • Order: all items from the same order need to be placed into the same tray.
    • Item: different items from the same order need to be placed into different trays. 
      • Note! This setting sets the restriction per item and per order. If you have the same items for different orders, these cannot be placed into the same tray.
  • Tray barcode prefix: optional prefix for tray barcodes to help identify a tray scan.