Print Settings

The Print Settings page is broken down into 4 sections:

  • Invoices
  • Stock Item Labels
  • Shipping Labels
  • Print Zones



  • Block Invoice Printing: If selected, when a batch of invoice orders are printed, only not already printed invoices will be generated

Stock Item Labels

  • Print Label for Composites: When a composite item is selected to have the Stock Item label printed from Open Orders, labels for the child items will be printed along with one for the parent item
  • Show prompt for free text fields: If the stock item label has a custom text field, this option will prompt you to enter text when printing the label
  • Prompt for each item: This option will request new custom text for each unique SKU in a print request. Please note that printing multiple copies of the same stock item label will not request custom text for each one
    • For more information on stock item labels and free text, please see this guide.

Shipping Labels

  • Label Sorting: Selecting one of these options will determine which sequence the shipping labels will be printed. 
    • Selected Sequence:  Labels will be printed in the same sequence that they are displayed in the Open Order screen. 
    • Vendor and Service:  Labels will be grouped by Vendor and then by Service within the Vendors. 
    • Vendor and Selection: Labels will be grouped by Vendor keeping the sequence that they appear in the Open Order screen. 

Note! Generic labels will always be printed first.

Print Zones

Print zones are created to work with a mobile scanner. Here you can define a group of printers in a specific location, for instance, a single despatch bay. A specific printer can then be defined for each template and shipping integration such that a user's location can be set to a print zone and their documents will print to the appropriate zone printers from the scanner. Check more details on how to work with print zones here.