Set Up Tasks

During the setup wizard, there is a prompt to integrate channels during the final step. These are logged in the setup tasks tab, with their appropriate documentation, that can be accessed on this screen at your convenience.

Set Up Tasks


The main purpose of this page is to serve as a reminder to integrate selling channels into Linnworks. It is only possible to add items to this list during the initial setup wizard.

Button Overview

Button Description
Do not show me incomplete tasks when I log on When logging in as the database owner, by default, the Set Up Task list will display instead of the Primary Dashboard. If this checkbox is ticked or there are no tasks remaining, the Primary Dashboard will display as normal.
Integrate This button will take you to the integration wizard for this channel. Once the channel has been integrated, it will disappear from the list unless Show Completed Tasks has been ticked.
  Hovering over this will icon will pop out a menu with links to video guides for this task. Please note that not all tasks will have video guides.
  Hovering over this icon will pop out a menu with links to documentation for this task.
  Clicking this icon will delete the current task.
Show Completed Tasks Clicking this checkbox will show any setup items that have already been completed.