Virtual Printer

Virtual Printer is a desktop utility to allow to send jobs (e.g. invoices and shipping labels) directly to a printer without the need for a preview to be displayed in the browser which is standard behaviour for printing from a browser.

Using a virtual printer will also improve efficiency, as you will be able to assign specific printers to different printing templates (invoice / pick list/ etc). As an example this will allow a user to select multiple orders requiring different printers and print them at the same time.

Table of Contents

Accessing Virtual Printer

  1. Select Settings > General Settings
  2. Select the Virtual Printer tab

Virtual Printer Screen Overview

The Virtual Printer screen is used to download the Virtual Printer desktop application as well as manage all of the virtual printers that are associated with your Linnworks account.


  • Download Virtual Printer - use this option to download the windows Virtual Printer client application, please see the full guide here
  • Delete - Highlight the printer you wish to remove from your available printers and click the delete button. This would typically be used if a Pc used by Virtual Printer has been permanently removed from your network and therefore the printers associated with it are no longer available  

 Grid View

Column NameDescription
Location Name The name of the Pc on which the Virtual Printer can be found
Printer Name The name given as the Printer Network Name via the Virtual Printer client
Status This has 2 states (OFFLINE / ONLINE) to represent the accessibility of the printer over the network